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How To:=- Cruise Control

ScottD3 Mar 28, 2011

  1. ScottD3

    ScottD3 I want your faulty electronics Supporter Team V6 quattro Audi A8 Audi S8 Team Akoya TDi saloon

    I know this is old and been covered before but due to its age there is many different threads around with dead links, odd information and generally miss leading (thats what I thought any way).
    I thought I'll make another one with all the information I used to get my car working.

    Things you need:=-
    Audi B5 with drive by wire
    Cruise Control stalk
    Cruise Control wiring loom (Loom can be bought here KUFATEC GmbH & Co. KG - Cruise Control - Harness - Audi A4 B5/8D 30096)
    And a selection of tools (8mm socket/spanner, torx (I can't remember the size sorry), soldering iron, tape, wire strippers, wire cutters, cross head screw driver, allen key, VCDS and a hammer).

    Its up to you what order you do the following stages. I can't see it making a bit of difference at all.
    But i'll do them in the order I think will work best.

    VCDS coding:=-
    • Ignition on, engine off.
    • Engine control module 01
    • Login
    • 11463
    • Enter

    Cruise Control stalk:=-

    To get to the stalks you need to remove the Air bag by two torx at the back of steering wheel.
    Unplug air bag and put to one side.
    You can now see big nut that holds the steering wheel on. A T55 works fine for removing this.
    If this is the first time you removed the steering wheel, put the nut back in a couple of threads and give the wheel a couple of side to side wiggles. The nut will stop it from hitting you in the face.

    With the wheel off you can now remove the plastic cowling from around the stalks.
    two philip screws at the front and 2 underneth, 2 allen keys to remove the steering wheel stalk adjuster and 1 more screw at the back to remove the lower cowling.

    With all this removed you should now beable to see a allen key at the stop of the stalks.
    undo this and the stalks should have a little bit of movement. remove all plugs and pull the stalks towards you.

    Depending on the stalk that you bought depends on wether you do this next bit or not. If you got a proper A4 stalk complete you wont need to do the following bit but if you went the cheaper route and bought a A8 stalk then the following bit will help.

    The stalk I bought is from a A8 not a A4. Its fine, it works and looks fine. The only difference is the plug. See the below pic for the difference.


    I noticed that the actual cruse control stalk wire is a separate plug that only screws on to the back of the unit.

    This means i can remove the stalk from the new unit and fit it to my stalk unit from my car.

    Swapping the stalks over was easy enough but there is a small problem. The screw holes for the plug are different from my switch unit and the new switch unit. so i can't secure the plug to the switch unit.

    Bit of pain and not overly happy with it but I've cable tied the plug to the rest of the loom. Its out of the way and wont get caught when adjusting the steering wheel.

    Here are a couple of pics of the process.

    This is the a pic of the stalk from the A8 Rev C one. the internals are the same. so no modding was needed

    A8 and A4 indicator cancel thingy (dont know its name) side by side.

    The A8 stalk, this is the light section. you can see the earth point at the end. Rev N dont have theses. this is the main reason for the swap.

    The back of the A8 and A4 stalks. you can see the earth points and also the screw holes that holds the cruise control plug to the stalk body.

    And it all fitted.

    The wiring:=-

    This bit stumped me. For ages I was having issues with conflicting views, linkes and how to.
    People kept pointing towards the bora/passet install, A6 install or worst of all a dead link. Yes they are close but the plugs and locations are different.I dont think it helped that the cables I ordered from Kufatec came with pins and the size of the pins really confused me.
    But I stripped it all down again and thought F**K it, I'm going to do it.
    And I did.

    first thing I did was to plug the cable in to the stalk and work out which cable did what.
    The all grey colour cable with numbers on the end did not help me at all.
    I used a multy meter with setting that beeps when it makes a connection (I can't remember its name) and worked out which cable did what.

    I got no pics for this section, I'm sorry.

    Remove the ECU tray cover (assuming you got the dash all ready stripped out).
    Unclip the ECU and pull forward out of the way.
    You should now see the hole going in to the cabin there is a selection of multicoloured plugs. Unplug theses (I found it easier). The connection points for the Cruise Control cable is below

    Connector Pin Wire Colour Function
    Black 8 Red/Yellow Set
    Yellow 1 Blue Resume
    9 Black/Yellow Enable
    8 Red/White +12V
    Light Brown 1 Red/Slate On​

    I never used Pin 8 in the yellow connector for the main power. I connectect it to Fuse 5 in the fuse board.

    I think thats every thing....O yeah, put it all back together and test.

    If you have any questions, more information, hints, tips or images please let me know and i'll do my best to help out.
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2011

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