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How to change your gear oil

VAGMAN1 Mar 29, 2006

  1. VAGMAN1

    VAGMAN1 Member

    following on from my other post on changing gear oil, here's a simple how to:

    tools needed -

    approx 1m of hose
    2L Audi oe gear oil (for fwd cars)
    axle stand and jack
    drip tray
    a level patch of ground!

    you don't have to change the sealing plugs as they don't use washers/o-rings (there are 2 plugs), but if you do be aware that there are 2 types - hex-wrench type and torx-security type. The torx one seems to have replaced the hex type and is what you'll get if you order a new plug from the dealer. Be warned it is a unique design to Audi, but Laser and Draper produce sockets to fit (the Laser is approx £5).

    so here goes.....and works best with 2 people!

    jack up the car on the passenger side, put in place an axle stand then remove the plastic engine tray.

    remove the filler plug located on the front or side of the gear box then place drip tray underneath bottom plug and undo this plug - oil drains out!

    wipe spilt fluid up around the bottom of the gear box and re-insert the bottom plug

    feed a hose down from the top of the engine bay and insert the hose about 5cm into the side (filler) hole - this works best with 2 people!

    now put a funnel into the top of the hose and SLOWLY pour in the new gear oil

    get the 2nd person to watch the filler hole for when oil start to dribble out - once at this stage stop filling and remove the hose

    now remove the axle stand and lower the car SLOWLY - once the car is back on level ground any excess oil will dribble out - the oil level has to be level with the bottom of the filler hole

    now jack the car up again and replace the filler plug - you won't lose any oil as when raised the oil moves away from the hole

    wipe up any spilt fluid and you're done

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