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How to change the AIRVENTS on a3 ?

029kid Jun 6, 2007

  1. 029kid

    029kid New Member

    Im changing to chrome vents, but I dont know how to change them...

    anyone know ?
  2. S3DBW

    S3DBW Member

    To remove the air vent, initially rotate open the vent until the dot on the outer ring is about 45 degrees past the vertical. You then need to lever the complete vent out of the dash. I did this using a small flat bladed plastic lever (to avoid damaging the dash) which you insert between the outer ring and the dash and lever outwards. Its a bit stiff at first but once the vent is levered out enough to get your fingers behind the outer ring collar the whole thing will pull out. Note on re-inserting there is a small guide lip on the left side of the vent assembly which locates into a corresponding channel on the dash.

    Once out removal of the individual pieces of the vent is a matter of using a small screw driver to prise out the various components depending on exactly what it is you want to change or if its a complete new vent just re-insert.


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