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How to change out downpipe on S3 1.8t

P333RAH Nov 26, 2012

  1. P333RAH

    P333RAH New Member

    Hi All,

    looking for some advice on how to change out my downpipe on my S3 I have a 3" installed but the flexi has been touching the 4wd shaft and worn it away so is now leaking hence the change out.....

    If I can get advice on how to do it I will otherwise put it into the garage.... I have had a look and doesn't look that easy although how hard can it be to take out a few bolts and replace a section of pipe just looks a bit of a pain getting access!.

    any advice welcome.

  2. phil miller

    phil miller Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    hmm, its not a nice job to do on your drive, iirc the top bolt near to the block is a bit of a pain, but that said i done all 3 up from under the bonnet, if you have problems getting it out undo the 3 bolts on the prop that will give you a little more space

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