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How to change DPF Sensor??

Dannykn9 Nov 9, 2011

  1. Dannykn9

    Dannykn9 "Cruise My Ride" VCDS Map User

    Hi guys, my DPF warning light has come on a couple of times in the last two weeks now after never happening before.
    Although for some this is quite common but as i do mainly motorway/dual carriage way i find it strange.
    I can easily force my car into a manual regen which gets rid of the light, but I have been advised by a couple of places that as i can force a manual regen then it is most likely my DPF Sensor which they say i can replace myself. It is only £48 from my dealer with my trade discount.

    Question is, where is the dpf sensor and how do i change it? Sorry if this is a dumb question lads but all help would be great and am sure will help others.

    Also I have ordered some JLM DPF cleaner which i will report back with the results once tried as this stuff has been highly recommended.

    Forgot to mention my car is 2006 "56" plate 170pd sportback, oops, just realised it is in my sig!

    Thanks in advance all.
  2. Dannykn9

    Dannykn9 "Cruise My Ride" VCDS Map User

    Found out where it is, behind the bulk head top left, incase anyone else was wondering.
    Now I just need to find out how to adapt the new sensor as I have read this needs doing but can find no explanation how to?
    More digging me thinks! Will keep you all posted.
  3. dantdi

    dantdi ...

    Any chance can do pic of sensor too:photo: When get round to it.
    Be handly one to know this!
  4. mpw2081

    mpw2081 Member

    Any news or pics

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