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How to adjust bilstein PSS9s to suit my car?

dultanur Oct 19, 2006

  1. dultanur

    dultanur all promises, no action :)

    Hi guys. I recently bought a set 2nd hand. ofcourse i dont have the user manual and the stuff i found on the net isn't enough for me. How do i adjust the rebound on them? And also what adjustments have you found to be effective? i am thinking of making the back a bit harder than the front to aid turn in. I will also have H&R ARB kit and adjustable upper arms fitted at the same time.

    after reading ess3 s thread, i've decided to give some negative camber to the front, little less toe in, and adjust the back camber to standard. add to this the ARBs, what would be your adjustment reccomendations for the coilovers? BTW i'm thinking of lowering the car only the minimum amount (20mm?).

    the car will also have a wimmer-rst stage 3 remap at the same time.

    thanks everyone! :beerchug:

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