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How practical do you find your car?

DaiBlue Mar 13, 2009

  1. DaiBlue

    DaiBlue New Member

    Hi All,

    Posted last Saturday about ability to fit roof bars to an A3 Sportback with the open sky system. Very nearly went ahead with a 2.0 TDI 170 Quattro Sport, but in the end decided against it. The boot on the Quattro is just too small (didn't help that Audi mucked me about over a part-ex value for my current car either!).

    My question is, how pratical do you find the Sportback. It's very easy to look at the boot etc in the showroom and think - "that'll be fine" - but how have people actaully found them? We've got a 4 year old with another on the way, so for the next few years we'll be lugging prams etc. with us. Logic tells me to get a bigger car, but, I just want an A3.


  2. lil_coz

    lil_coz Active Member

    It depends what you'll be doing with it I suppose. Yes the quattro boot is shallower but it's fine with me because I dont carry many things too often. I can put in 2 golf bags in my boot (granted you have to take the drivers out but still...). I suppose having two kids, quattro is a no no!

    I had a FWD sportback a couple of times and I'd say that it should be fine. I found the boot to be quite big and it should swallow up a couple of prams. Try and get a weekend test drive. That should give you a clearer picture.

  3. Khufu

    Khufu Well-Known Member

    I found a strange thing a few years back. I found it easier to get a baby & seat into my old 3 door A3 than other 4 door cars. I was the way the seat hinged forward that gave me plenty of space that I didnt get on a 4 door. The gf's pram/s fitted fine in the boot too.
  4. p1tse

    p1tse Member

    has anyone got a picture of the boot on a sportback for quattro and non-quattro, or is there a picture diagram as found on magazine reviews etc. online?
  5. nin

    nin New Member

    We were in the same position as yourself wondering whether to go larger or not from our golf.

    We have a 3 year old and plan to have another soon, we decided to go for the sportback and am surprised at how much more room there is inside compared to the mkiv golf, the boot is also bigger and alot more deeper, it is however a 2wd and not a quattro.
  6. DaiBlue

    DaiBlue New Member

    My wifes got a Mark V Golf, but it will be interesting to see how much bigger the Sportback seems in practical use. As someone mentioned will have to get a weekend test drive.

    Just can't bring myself to look at an A4 or 3-series.
  7. Paul_c

    Paul_c Member

    I frequently use (for want of a better word) the boot in my FWD sportback and i'm yet to be found wanting!
    We had an a4 saloon before this and i find the A3 just as good, i'd
    maybe say better- especially with wider load angle of a hatch.
  8. 10blazin


    i got a sportback qauttro and struggled to get one pram in,, so we sold it and got another with now fits in diagnolly apart from that its ok,you can get your shopping in 2 even with the trolly in but before you bye a trolley id try it first aswell kiddy seats are a bit of a struggle to get in and out so i got a fixed seat which is much better
  9. emzino

    emzino Active Member

    I'm extremely surprised at the room I have in my 3dr A3.

    I find it more spacious inside i.e. foot/leg space compared to a 5dr MK4 Golf! + the boot space is much more than I expected.
  10. martyboy

    martyboy Member

    me and the missus are expecting our first little bundle of joy in august, which was one of the main factors i went for the sportback rather than just the 2 doors. thought getting baby in and out of car seat in the back would be easier with the back doors. as for the boot, i think it is plenty big, i went and bought our pram with all the bumf that comes with it, all in boxes may i add, and it fitted in my boot no probs! :thumbsup:
  11. Lee_R

    Lee_R Active Member

    My A3 is the first practical car i've had in years. Must be my age! (I'm 30 this year) I kinda like it but its boring too. TT roaster next so i cant give anyone lifts!
  12. p1tse

    p1tse Member

    be interesting to see some boot being filled with stuff, quattro or non quattro
  13. OutLore

    OutLore VOIP Dude

    Do what I did and rock up to the dealer with all the stuff you think you'll need to put in the boot. If it only just fits in, it's too small - you can guarantee you've forgotten something!!!!

    Dealer wasn't too happy about me wanting to try my bike in the back though, even though it was clean!!
  14. I'mRonBurgundy?

    I'mRonBurgundy? Lets make that kitten purr...

    Mate of mine has two kids and an A4 Avant. He's consistently complaining about the lack of space and thinking of moving up to and A6 Avant.

    My 3-door has plenty of room (only me and the GF though) but I reckon we'd cope alright with a baby/small child.
  15. gixxer600k4

    gixxer600k4 Member

    my a3 has loads of room, but that because i rarely take people or luggage, if you have two kids and you know you will end up carrying a lot of luggage, i would say go for the a4 avant or even the a6, yea its a bit more, but will last you a lot longer cos when kids grow up n you all go on hold n things like that, you will defo have the room in the a6, could even go for the rs6 avant, lol!
  16. PNH80

    PNH80 Low life livin' the high life.

    I can't comment on the sportback but my 3 door is brilliant for leg space in the back. Better than a lot of hatchbacks i've tried.
    However most people find getting in and out of the back a complete pain in the **** and i'm sick of people scuffing the interior with their feet!
    If i had people regularly using the back seats i'd definitely shop it in for a 5 door.

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