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How Much.......

Stuart_A3_Turbo Feb 1, 2004

  1. Do you think i could get for my A3 turbo?

    61k miles, recent service, gearbox reconditioning, cambelt change at 59k, full history

    Modifications :

    18" Khan RS-C wheels
    H&R -50mm lowering springs
    Powerflow Stainless steel exhaust
    Powerflow De-cat pipe (original cat also sitting here)
    ABD Turbo intake pipe
    ABD Front mount intercooler
    Quickshift Taipan Induction Kit (standard airbox also here)
    Turbo XS Adjustable fuel pressure regulator (3-5 bar)
    Bailey Atmospheric Dump Valve
    Pioneer 8400 MP3 Head unit
    2x Autotek 12" Subs (very loud!!!)
    2x Autotek Amps

    Last rolling roaded at 203 bhp and 242lb/ft torque, before the front mount intercooler, turbo intake pipe and pressure regulator. Awaiting latest rolling road results once the gearbox goes back on.

    Any ideas, as im thinking about selling up and need to know what sort of money to ask.

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