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How much?

S4_dan Feb 20, 2006

  1. S4_dan

    S4_dan Fire up the Quattro! VCDS Map User

    How much would someone expect to pay for a 6yr old S8, 15k miles! yes 15K! fsh, garaged last 2years, only used on hot dry days. The car looks like it's brand new and should be on a 55plate in an audi showroom!

    I think the book price says 15,500??
    Owner paid 74k in 2000 for her...does that sound right?

    So what would people expect to pay for this car?
  2. nearly £60k loss in 15,000 miles.. OUCH!!

    £3.90 PER MILE depreciation..

    PLUS fuel and servicing...

    Had a quick look on a 'national' search on autotrader.. hard to find anyting to compare it to.

    There seem to several 2000 models at around that price, but a huge variation in mileage as theyve all done between 40000 and 120000!

    found a 2002 model with 35k at £21995

    I think it would be worth starting at that £15k price and haggling.. how many miles will you add to it?

    You could put a couple of years of well above average miles on and still have a lowish mileage model to sell on - but its age might be against it then!

    However, the peace of mind from having such a low mileage model is worth having.. hmmmm.. Id personally add not a huge amount, (maybe £1500?), which seems disgraceful, but going by the others available it would seem that it is its age, not its mileage that affects the depreciation most, so its more about what the low mileage is worth to you, than its future resale..

  3. watsonk

    watsonk New Member

    I've been looking at S8's and this seems like a good car. Assuming they are genuine miles... then that price seems about right. Only thing is I'm sure they face-lifted this car in 01 or 02 with the lower grill and better bigger wheels. I'm sure this car is around £55k so not sure where the £75k came from. Most stuff is standard, maybe sat nav was an option on this car that would be £2500 and a special paint job that would be £1000.

    I've never driven one but they are ment to be a very good drive, I know when I see them on the street they look pretty special and very rare.

    Hardest thing is the running costs as servicing, fuel and repairs will be high. Also any body work repairs is going to cost a fortune as they are aluminium. Check the body for crash damage very carefully.

    I think somewhere between £16k and £18k would be about right. Double check the milage with the MOT certs and service history. It may need 12 month oil changes, but check the service manual. I don't think it cost £75k though and 15K miles in 6 years seems very too good to be true... but you never know.
  4. GeorgieMcC

    GeorgieMcC Member

    For tips on buying 8's. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/book.gif Most folk use www.audipages.com
  5. DanS8

    DanS8 New Member

    Yeah, interesting one!
    Why buy such a huge monster of a car and only take it out on dry days?
    You'd get a sports car for that sort of thing!
    If it's a S8 you want I can't think of anything better than 15K miler!
    I looked at cars that had done 150K milesand THEY were mint!

    Audi service history is a MUST with these cars and even though the mileage is so low they still need servicing EVERY year and so the miles should be documented with each service. If none of that ties up WALK AWAY! Nothing is more important on these than history!

    Price? I could see 10K worth of extras easy on an S8!

    SatNav Plus
    Alcantara seat Option
    Xenons? (Still an option in 2000?)
    Rear and Side Blinds
    Suede Headlining
    Metalic paint
    Bigger wheels?
    Parking Sensors

    Sounds like a great buy if you look at it as a car and not as a entry in Parkers!
    But everything has to make sense!

    Worth every penny of £15,000

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