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How much is my S3 worth

chuckys3 Jun 2, 2006

  1. chuckys3

    chuckys3 Member

    Ok, Need to get a family car and my baby has to go in the next 4-6weeks.

    I've had my Car for over 2 years and looked after it and had no expense spared on my baby.

    Its my 2nd S3 and these cars are just awesome.

    Here is the spec of my Car.

    2003 Audi S3 Silver
    24500 Mileage
    White and Black Alcantara Recaro Seats,Gemuine Factory fitted Aluminum Mirrors, Bose Audi Upgrade sound Systen, Tinted Security Glass, 18" RS6 Wheels with Goodyear GSD3, Viper\AMD DV, Porsche Big Brake Calipers with Drilled and grooved Big Discs , Supersprint exhaust system, AMD Stage 1 remap, Neuspeed quickshift gearbox. Koni shock absorbers, Eeibach Suspension springs.
    Still Under Audi Warranty, I know I've got a few mods, but if you have a problem with e.g. your windscreen its still covered.

    If you want pics that car does look great I have some in the gallery.

    I have the standard Audi S3 brakes so I can put that back on to standard, also the whole of the audi shocks and suspension.

    Ok I've got a few mods, I'm not sure if I should start to put the car back to standard as might get some money back on my mods but its more fuss I guess.

    Looking on Auto Trader, and with all my mods, and my milelage is low for a 2003.

    How much is it worth, I was thinking of putting it up on Auto Trader for £17k?

    Any comments or interest please free to post or email me.

    Not actually put it officially up for sale but I'd like it to go to someone who would look after it and take good care of it as It s my pride n joy.
  2. madvw

    madvw Active Member

    your main problem is going to be selling it in 4-6 weeks for the money you want for it.

    Your best off removing all the mods, then trading it in, as the trade in on these is comparable with how much you'd get for a private sale (like 15.5k). The annoying thing though, is that it'll be on the forcourt for £20k the following day.

    Then you could recoup the other 2 grand from selling your mods.

    PM me if you do, as i'd be interested in your springs and viper /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif
  3. ImS3ola

    ImS3ola Member

    It may pain you to hear this, but i think you'll be lucky to get £15.5k for it. I would strip all the mods, then sell the car as standard for the price above. Even then, I doubt you'll be guranteed a quick sale.
  4. imported_Stewart

    imported_Stewart Guest

    Chucky, you have PM.

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