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How much have I spent in 3 months

Bong Water Feb 11, 2008

  1. Bong Water

    Bong Water In two minds

    Just for laughs :icon_thumright:

    I bought my car early December 2007, its an A4 B5 1.8TQS on 55K miles

    Here we go

    Major service and MOT @ local specialist £300

    Cambelt kit, front NSF ARB link bush, Brake fluid change £270 (no waterpump)

    Cleaning products to restore paint inc polish/wax etc £40

    JOM Front Grill that doesnt fit £45 inc del

    LCR front splitter £30

    Replacement OEM Front bumper spoiler £48

    Temp sender £28

    Thermostat £48 inc fitting

    Bodyshop rust removal on boot, fit splitter and front bumper spoiler £110


    How much I love this car £Priceless :wub:

  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    A B5 with only 55k on the clock? suspiciously low, even if it's genuine those will have been very hard miles - lots of short journeys. Personally I always go for newer cars with galactic mileage, but well serviced, far less trouble.
  3. Bong Water

    Bong Water In two minds

    I always hunt out the low mileage cars and never had a problem, I have thousands of pounds of receipts all from a main dealer and its been inspected and I have been told its mint, thanks for the concern though :)
  4. Bong Water

    Bong Water In two minds

    I almost forgot the whole point of this thread, expensive servicing costs, had a cambelt, waterpump, major service and MOT for £300 on my old Honda Civic :(
  5. mavala

    mavala Oops!!!!

    Cleaning products to restore paint inc polish/wax etc £40

    JOM Front Grill that doesnt fit £45 inc del

    LCR front splitter £30

    Replacement OEM Front bumper spoiler £48

    Temp sender £28

    Thermostat £48 inc fitting

    Bodyshop rust removal on boot, fit splitter and front bumper spoiler £110

    :hubbahubba: MINT???:hubbahubba:
    Did you buy it with your heart and not your head?
  6. 96a6v6

    96a6v6 Member

    I never bother adding up what I spend on cars, it becomes far too depressing :faint:
  7. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    So why did the cambelt need doing & a major service & MOT? Surely this would either have been done, or you would use the fact it hadn't been done to knock £500 off the asking price.
    As said low mileage cars have a very hard life. Give me a car 2 years younger with 100k on the clock everytime.
  8. Markey

    Markey Active Member

    Mental, i bought mine with 100k and its been sweet as a nut until some monkey put my cam belt on wrong and bent the engine :) gota love Audis though this is my second and there great cars.
  9. bobbler

    bobbler Member

    I wouldn't term that as being a huge amount of money to spend, would depend entirely on your circumstances I suppose.

    Let me see -
    Full inspection service at local specialist - £230
    MRC remap and healthcheck - £500
    Wheels and Tyres - £500
    AWE Boost Gauge - £100? (cant remember what I paid for it off hand)
    DTS - £120
    ECS Stage IV Brakes - £1600
    Chips and phone holder hole removal - £120
    Headunit, amp and speakers - £500 ish
    TBB/Samco style hoses - £120 ish

    Thats before this 1st year of ownership is out and before I consider that putting my foot down nets me 6mpg and I am looking at another set of wheels/tyres and a full on cambelt service within the next 6 to 8 weeks.

    I really wish that I hadn't written it all down now as its getting towards 50% of the cost of the car now LOL:(
  10. Bong Water

    Bong Water In two minds

    I got the car cheaper than the market value and at the time I was desperate for a car, I bought it knowing this would all need doing I just didnt think it would cost so much.

    Cambelt needed doing as it was at that age, obviously :tocktock:

    Why the hell would I want a car with 100k on the clock? The car is perfectly fine, just needs a few things doing as would any car thats approaching 60K, my point is, the servicing costs are a joke :idea:

    mavala whats your problem?

    Cleaning products to restore paint inc polish/wax I like detailing

    JOM Front Grill that doesnt fit I like the look of it so I bought one, the standard is currently fitted as the JOM item doesnt fit

    LCR front splitter Its a mod

    Replacement OEM Front bumper spoiler To fit the LCR splitter to, the old has a scuff

    Temp sender it needs one, common fault

    Thermostat common fault again needs replacing

    Bodyshop rust removal on boot Tiny bit, 5p sized, caused by water ingress, apparently very common

    Sheesh, was just stressing these things are expensive to run compared to other marques, put your nails away :motz:
  11. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    I think it's called research
  12. Bong Water

    Bong Water In two minds

    Double post
  13. Bong Water

    Bong Water In two minds

    Never bought a car over 60K miles in my life and never will, I prefer to have the lower mileage and get the work done IE cambelt etc so I know its been done and then I can still have the lower mileage, call me fickle :happy:

    Either way, I still didnt know it would cost so much, compared to other marques, its my first Audi, sorry man, I feel be littled by your knowledge of buying high mileage cars, please forgive me, please? :sorry:

    Sarcasm BTW :nyah:
  14. billybravo

    billybravo Active Member

    this is an intresting tread let me have ago

    Car 2400
    dump valve 120
    evom front mount 800
    rs4 kit and paint 800
    rs4 wheels 520
    all the ice and incar pc which i dont use anymore around 1000
    seats and belts 500
    all the front suspenison arms 130
    jamex coilovers 300
    drifz wheels and yoko tyres 860
    new gearbox 300
    turbo manifold 120
    chrome parts 220
    intake 120
    decat 120
    turbo timer 60
    brake lines 60
    paintwork 100
    exhaust made twice as ive got two for diffrent days :D retail price 780
    retrims 40
    new heater 60
    rad 95
    nitrouse 500
    carbon bonnet 320
    clutch kit sound bend and flywheel 500ish
    maf sensor 180ish
    and god knows how many oil changes and filters i have done in four years

    there is probs loads more ive missed out
  15. Danielson

    Danielson Member

    i dont see why a couple of you find the need to be so harsh, jeez, live and let live and all that!
    i wouldnt want to add up what ive spent on mine in the last 8 years. lots of control arms! =)
    good on ya bongwater for picking up a low miler, if i had the funds (i dont) i would pick up a under 80k 1.8tq in black. but i cant. =(
  16. Mothy69

    Mothy69 in gear but clutch slipping

    i've spent since I bought mid december:

    loads on petrol

    £20 on car washes

    £135 to get it back when it got towed :keule:

    thats it...
  17. Bong Water

    Bong Water In two minds

    Thanks mate, I had wanted one for a while but they had just become affordable so was really pleased when I found a low miler, took a couple of months!

    Dont worry, been using forums for years so used to the negativity of some, thanks to those who replied with interesting info, looks like I have been put to shame!

    This time next week and my car will be back from the bodyshop, all I need now is a set of wheels and the front grill sorting and I will be very happy :rockwoot:
  18. billybravo

    billybravo Active Member

    give me a shout if your close to the stockport area can sort you some sexy rims out
  19. mac1403

    mac1403 Member

    Hey, no need to feel bad about what you spend. If you are interested enough in ur Audi to frequent the forums then it goes hand in hand with deep pockets. I bought mine with 74K on the clock 4 years ago with the knowledge it would all even out as I don't do many mile (shes got 94K now). If I could have afforded a low miler I would have got one, but the mileage was a good bargaining point which enabled me to get it for the right price. As far as cash spent....Here ya go
    AMD remap £450
    Votex front and rear lips + spray and fit £250
    AWE Boost gauge £140
    Becker Cascade Pro £750
    Wheel refurb £300
    Miltek + High flow cat £1000
    Snooper sapphire £100
    Simota Induction kit £120
    HID's £100
    Forge diverter £75
    N75J £25
    Loads of detailing products £?
    Porter cable £100

    This is not including a full Audi service, cam belt, water pump etc.
    definately not the cheapest hobby inn the world, but what the hell, I ENJOY IT
  20. Broken Byzan

    Broken Byzan Photographic Moderator Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User quattro Audi A4

    Jeez, i spent a grand last week on just swapping and fitting the turbo and the remap.

    I would hate to guess my total cost to date, but she loves me for it .

    Nest on the list is a high flow cat welded in to my front pipe for a reasonable cost, uprated clutch and a new gearbox, aside from consumables like brakes and tires etc. If the brakes wear out they will get swapped for A8 300mm jobbies
  21. Bong Water

    Bong Water In two minds

    Can you supply Alessio?

    Love your car mac, tis very nice, how the hell did you get the front and rear Votex kit all in for £250!? I looked high and low and decided on the Cupra front splitter :(

    Whats involved with the A8 brake swap?
    Seems like a popular upgrade and I like my brakes but they fade easily, think they have cheap pads on at the mo
  22. mac1403

    mac1403 Member


    A long story, but I was lucky and found both on ebay from a dealer (excess stock) for £200. When they got sent the back was perfect, but the front was a pre-facelift. He apologised when I told him the mistake and sent me the correct one. When I asked what he wantd me to do with the wrong one , he told me to keep it and sell it as he couldn't be bothered with relisting it and getting the return done. Stuck it straight back on ebay for £75 and it sold the same day.
  23. Bong Water

    Bong Water In two minds

    Wow, that is lucky, nice one :icon_thumright:
  24. PaulJC84

    PaulJC84 Owner

    Gosh this could be depressing!! I have had my car for just over 4 years, I got it with 18k on it and in now is almost at 70k.

    Here goes....... (this is in a rough order of purchase)

    Powdercoat 17s £100
    Remap £500
    B&M short shift £140
    RS4 Grille £35
    Repaint front bumper (got back from garage) £140
    Brake carrier for 312mm upgrade £60
    New discs all round £180
    New pads all round £150
    New straight through exhaust system £130
    Supersprint decat £120
    Temp sensor £7
    K&N panel filter £40
    PiperX induction kit (now sold) £90
    K04 turbo £400
    Stereo £500
    German plate holders £15
    GFB DV £200
    RS6 19s (now sold) £750
    Coilovers rear £70 Front £280
    Ericsson bluetooth car kit £70
    Spacers (4 sets) £180
    New windscreen £50
    Awe boost gauge £120
    Spare set of 17s £150
    Neuspeed snub mount £20
    ECS magnetic sump plug £10
    Funk button £5
    FMIC £275
    Powder 17s again £140
    New black diamond front discs £180
    Ferodo DS2500 pads £130
    034 Manifold £130
    RS4 door handles £60
    Clutch £290
    Neuspeed Xtreme Tip £150
    Flywheel bolts £12

    There will be other bits and bobs I am sure.
  25. psytech

    psytech First time Quattro owner & I love it.

    I spent nearly £3000 on my b5 v6Q over the last 2 months........not just for fun either.

    Only bought her in October for £2000. 110k

    New head unit £250
    New amplifier £200
    New front and rear speakers £200
    2 New Subs £240
    MDF for box £30
    Carpet for box £25
    Cables, Fuse Holders etc. £150


    New clutch £650
    New Flywheel £600
    Full service £250
    Cambelt, tensioners & pump £350

    Why does everything go wrong after you've spent your money.

    Hopefully that'll be it for a while.........otherwise i'lll be riding my bike to work, and its a 40 mile trip.

    You know what though, when you get in it and everything feels right.......you dont care!
  26. billybravo

    billybravo Active Member

    Yes we do deal with Alessio my friend


  27. Bong Water

    Bong Water In two minds

    pm'd RE Alessio wheels
  28. pauloliver

    pauloliver New Member

    any chance of seeing a pic of the lcr splitter on your a4?
  29. Bong Water

    Bong Water In two minds

    Its not fitted yet, it will be fitted on Monday as it goes to the body shop to have a few things sorted. Ill happily post up pics then

    AUDI TURBO Member

    ok here goes

    car audi a4 1996 1.8 turbo NO MODS=£1800.00
    new tyres £120.00
    spare and tyre £80.00
    cv boots £30.00
    all brakes disks £120.00
    new pads £70.00
    brake pipes £24.00
    turbo vacuum pipe £5.00
    cambelt £100.00
    dashlight bulbs £6.00
    daylight head light bulbs £25.00
    clear lights £80.00
    jetex exhaust system £400.00
    air filter £30.00
    pollen filter £8.00
    oil temp sender £2.00
    thermostat £10.00
    dump valve £25.00
    cd player £60.00
    (really bad) new chip £80.00
    oil pump and feed £60.00
    brake caliper £70.00
    oil £20.00
    driving like a knob £ priceless
  31. pauloliver

    pauloliver New Member

    Excellent, thanks :) i had been thinking about fitting one too, they seem to suit most cars!
  32. naefeart

    naefeart Bonkers

    Some of the comments above made me question whether to actually post in this thread, but here goes..

    I bought our A4 tqs back in Sept 2006. It had one local owner (was originally bought from the audi main dealer in town), had been used as a second car and had a full service file thick enough to choke a donkey on.

    It had 46,700 miles and was in superb condition. I negotiated a good discount with the specialist dealer and didn't hesitate to buy it.

    It now has 54,000 miles and hasn't really thrown up and nasty surprises.

    Summary of some of the money spent since bought:

    • A couple of main dealer services, probably totaling £500-ish
    • Extended warranty - £200
    • New oem shocks and H&R springs - supplied and fitted by Star (inc top mounts and 4-wheel allignment) - £900 ish
    • Full Milltek exhaust inc down pipe - £750 ish inc fitting
    • New upper and lower windscreen rubber trims - £150 ish
    • All door rubbers replaces - £150 ish, can't remember.
    • Odds and sods replaced for the sake of it with shiney new bits - £250 ish
    Hardly bargins of the decade, but I had more money than sense.

    Just extended the warranty again @£200, needs another full service this Oct, new rear brakes and I fancy a set of 18" Khans. Just another big black whole.

    Looking back i could have saved a lot of money here and there, but no one forced me to spend the money. Compared to the money I spent on my previous M3 and Evo, this is me on a budget.

  33. Bong Water

    Bong Water In two minds

    Here you go mate

    It had to be heated and moulded into place, then the gap sealed with silicon, looks good though, it does hand out a little further than I would of liked but you can tell unless you get on hands and knees and look

    Shocking pic as it was getting dark, somehow the spliiter looks weird in the pic but does look very good in the flesh, going to get some better pic when my grill arrives

  34. Siena

    Siena Active Member

    Well, here goes mine. Car is a '96 A4 2.6V6 Quattro Sport, bought in August '07 with 205,000 miles on the clock.

    Base car: £500
    8.5"x18" BBS RS501's + Dunlop SP 9000's in 255/35x18: £2,050
    A4 2000-spec rear lamps: £58.04
    S4 front lower arm set: £100
    RS4 Bilestein Sport dampers: £310.29
    Eibach springs: £165.23
    A4 DTM badges: £25.00
    RS4 mirror glass x 2: £59.17
    RS4 foglamps x 2: £126.16
    RS4 front grille: £49.61
    RS4 side repeaters x 2: £10.24
    RS4 washer bottle: £20.39
    RS4 n/s/f wing: £205.02
    RS4 o/s/f wing: £205.02
    RS4 n/s/r door: £139.31
    RS4 o/s/r door: £139.31
    RS4 n/s/r quarter: £269.27
    RS4 o/s/r quarter: £372.02
    RS4 n/s sill extension: £207.99
    RS4 o/s sill extension: £207.99
    RS4 n/s cast aluminium mirror: £321.50
    RS4 o/s cast aluminium mirror: £321.50
    A4 2000-spec n/s/r bulb holder: £12.86
    A4 2000-spec o/s/r bulb holder: £12.86
    A4 boot rings: £8.60
    A4 2000-spec front door handle micro switch I: £31.38
    A4 2000-spec front door handle micro switch II: £31.38
    A4 2000-spec rear door actuating rods x 2: £4.88
    RS4 steering wheel badge: £17.01
    RS4 fuel filler flap internal sticker, tyre pressures: £1.57
    RS4 fuel filler flap internal sticker, fuel octane: £0.41
    RS4 rear suspension bush set: £112.08
    RS4 front bumper: £329.59
    RS4 n/s/r wheel housing: £305.24
    RS4 o/s/r wheel housing: £305.24
    A4 2000-spec rear door handle trims x 2: £21.84
    S4 Euro-spec rear bumper: £258.57
    RS4 front bumper brackets x 2: £70.98
    RS4 front wheel arch plastic liners x 2: £187.30
    RS4 rear wheel arch plastic liners x 2: £142.70
    A4 2000-spec rear door handles x 2: £40.84
    A4 B7 wiper arms x 2: £47.66
    A4 B7 aero wiper blades x 2: £26.48
    RS4 fuel filler flap: £63.00
    A4 2000-spec bootlid, used: £75
    A4 2000-spec n/s/f door, used: £50
    A4 2000-spec o/s/f door, used: £50
    RS4 front panel: £157
    Nikkai 7" widescreen DVD / CD player with FM / AM RX: £249
    12V freeview receiver: £30
    A4 2000-spec 3-button flip key: £57
    A4 2000-spec plain key: £22
    Bodywork, fitting RS4 panels, welding rear quarters, paint etc: £2,000
    Window tinting: £300
    4-wheel alignment: £50
    RS4 headlamp washer pump: £32.00
    A4 2000-spec bootlid modification, pre-bodyshop: £225
    RS4 front bumper-to frame struts x 2: £14
    A4 2000-spec bootlid operating solenoid: £20
    S8 2003-spec Brembo calipers and pads: £200

    These are from the invoices I have to hand. I haven't included the RS4 HID headlamps, engine and 6-speed box, all of which I purchased about 5 years ago, long before the car itself.
  35. Siena

    Siena Active Member

    Gosh! Just added this litle lot up - including the original car purchase, all comes to £11,726.53.
  36. PaulJC84

    PaulJC84 Owner

    Not too bad really, people who clock as you pass will think it will have cost you a lot more than that.
  37. pauloliver

    pauloliver New Member

    Cheers bongwater, im not quite sure if i like it, might just be the angle! im looking forward to seeing the photos of it in the light

    And sienna, thats incredibly cheap for such a great outcome! well worth it i think!

    My Expenditure:

    Audi a4 1.9tdi £1k
    New alternator+fitting (twice...cos of a few troubles) £400
    16inch 02 a4 wheels £160 (inc 2 new michelins)
    2x Vredestein sportiv tyres £130
    Then lots of loving cleaning, still got loads more to do! only had it a month or so, but i like it lots




    Looks far better i think :)

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