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how much coolant

otisdomino Dec 9, 2008

  1. otisdomino

    otisdomino New Member

    changed thermostat on my A6 1.8t and i can't have re-seated everything properly as now losing coolant. Can anyone tell me how much the full system will take and even better how much the spangly audi / vw stuff costs.

  2. evomaster3000

    evomaster3000 Member

    No idea off hand, check ur manual should have it in there,

    And it's just the red coolant stuff, bluecol (iirc) make blue and red, just the colour difference, probabily a bit more than that but certainly no need to got to the stealer for coolant
  3. enda1

    enda1 Member

    You have use the G12 (red) or G12+ (purple) the older blue stuff is not compatabile with this engine.
    This is taken from elsawin.
    Only use coolant additive G 012 A8 D - meeting specification TL VW 774 D.
    Identification: red colour
    The two different coolant additives G 011 A8 C and G 012 A8 D must not be mixed together. Otherwise, this can result in serious damage to the engine.
    • [SIZE=-1]◆ [/SIZE]If the fluid in the expansion tank is brown, this means G 012 A8 D has been mixed with another type of coolant. In this case, flush out the cooling system and fill with fresh coolant. To flush the system, fill it with clean water and run the engine for about 2 minutes. This should remove as much of the old coolant as possible.
      Frost protection to Anti freeze concentration G 012A8 D 1) Water1)
      -25 °C 40% 3.0 l 4.0 l
      -35 °C 50 % 3.5 l 3.5 l

      1) Coolant quantity: 7.0 litres; may vary depending upon the vehicle equipment.
    Also to properly fill the system and ensure all the air is removed audi recommend a special fill pipe or if you haven't got that to detach the mounting nuts for the expansion tank and raise it by 100mm. Then working in the chamber that holds the battery loosen the pipe with bleed hole. Then top up the expansion chamber until coolant only comes out of the hole. Reconnect everything and then run engine and then top up expansion tank if necessary
  4. otisdomino

    otisdomino New Member

    Thanks for that chaps, got it sorted this morning. 2 bottles of G12++ £16 for 3 litres. Then spent the rest of the day chasing air out of the system. Really doing my head in. I've got my suspicions that it's leaking somewhere to be honest but by the time i got to that conclusion i'd run out of day and light.

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