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how many people would be interested in a Carbon Boot for the 1999 A3?

Audi_A3_1.8T Jun 5, 2009

  1. Audi_A3_1.8T

    Audi_A3_1.8T New Member

    Hey all, just wonderin. I recently got intouch with a carbon manufacturer to see about getting a boot made up in Carbon Fiber for the A3 as there isn't currently one on the market.

    Would anyone be interested looking into it with me as obviously the more i could order the more disscount we could all get.

    email me or text me on 07733280369 if you'd like more details

    Regards Boris (J30 : RTS)

    (PS: Sorry if this is in the wrong place guys, im new to the site and know my cars not my computers, lol)

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