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How many miles can you get off a full tank?????

Nilz Jan 21, 2009

  1. TonyA3

    TonyA3 Member

    Id love to get that amount out of mine, even when i try not to floor it for like 2 weeks at a time, i still probably get an extra 10 miles out of my tank.
  2. jbw

    jbw Member

    Admittedly I do have a strange whoooshing noise from the passenger footwell when changing gear. I've heard that can be to do with a knackered DV. Don't know if that would contribute to poor mpg. My car isn't remapped and given the higher mileage (100k) I'm not sure I want to go down that route.

    My average drive to work consists of 'getting through town a, driving down motorway, getting through town b to work'. Maybe it's the town driving that's killing the mpg? I certainly don't do 140mph down the motorway. Closer to 80-90 at best.
  3. Turbo Lag

    Turbo Lag New Member

    Given you drive a fair bit in traffic (more than me) I'd put it down to that. My remaining miles falls a fair bit when sitting in traffic, and I don't rev the car much when it's stop start all the time. The lowest I've got was 300, with the car saying 50 miles remaining, but I had to do a lot of short journeys in the cold.

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