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How low can I go???

Weedub Nov 29, 2011

  1. Weedub

    Weedub New Member

    Ok so here's the thing, due to a new job (last year) I had to scrap my love for old VAG (haha) and buy a new car. Age and money heldme back and the 2.0 tfsi 8p I wanted was way out of reach. So I settled for a black 06 plate sportback 1.6fsi sport. Enjoyable to drive, cheap to run etc. But it just don't look as baller as my previous cars. Back in July I visited g werks a local VAG specialist and got my
    Ap coilovers fitted. They said let them settle etc and then adjust if you want. A week later and they're wound down as far as they'd go
    :D! Purchased some eibach hub centric spacers and got the lip of the standard wheels poking 2mm from the arch. Over bumps I'm
    currently scrubbing the rears but plan to fit new tyres with a lower profile and some strech to prevent further scrubbing.
    I can foresee more gap than I'd like between the top of the tyre and the line of the arch than I'd like. Ive inquired with a local spring
    specialist and I think I can get custom shorter springs for the coilovers with the same rating etc to minimise the affect on handling and ride comfort. My main question is how low can the standard chassis and running gear go before additional modification? My cv joints or so I believe creak a little when reversing at full lock? Any help and advice is much appreciated. Yes I know air ride would be the best way out of this predicament but i don't really have a spare 3k + sat under my

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