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How long shall i work 1 panel for??

Craigybaby37_A3quattro Dec 31, 2007

  1. So i got my polisher through the post (UDM model 1000) and gave it a try out on my mums ming blue a3 with the big key scratch up the side.

    i just cleaned the wing/arch for starters and dried it off then went to work with the polisher. I used the sfx-1 pad along with the sfx-1 wax. i worked the panel all over for about 45mins to an hours and it removed about 8" of the scratch so i carryed on working at the scratch and then i looked at the pad and the wax was turning blue and ime guessing its paint thats being removed???

    Then where the curve of the arch is just under the indicator there was a small patch of paint about the size of a golf ball which was knowtisably lighter than the surounding paint and ime worryed as to what/why it is?? and i dont want to carry on working at the scratch if ime going to wear away at the paint and have a huge patch thats a totally different colour?? aint got any pics of it sadly as i carried on working the panel with the final stage pad and then the mark wasnt visible at all???
  2. jr001

    jr001 Member

    Glad you got started! My thought is that for a wheel arch, 45-60 mins might be a bit long. Was this multiple hits, or a solid 45 mins? You should machine until the polish residue starts to go from cloudy to clear. There should be no paint colour on your pads from the A3 clearcoat. Was there any overspray from a repair on another part of the car on the same side at all?

    The fact that it's away now is more reassuring. I haven't seen a 'patch' the size of a golf ball, but I have seen a 'ring' the size of a golf ball and that was the guy who had burnt through a thin clearcoat. It was a dark colour of primer underneath. On the ming blue you would have to look closely to see this dark primer so I don't know if you have went through the clearcoat. When you used the finishing polish you will have added a bit more gloss to the area and it would become less noticeable.

    A paint gauge would be handy to give an idea, but I think they're not terribly trustworthy around some scratches. Pics would be handy.

    Perhaps Clark might have come across this phenomenon before?

    I wouldn't let it put you off doing the rest of the car. To give you an idea, you should be about 1.5 hours on the bonnet and that's with two hits at each section on it. Taking breaks in between, say 2 hours, again it depends on the defects. Sorry I can't say what your phenomenon was on the arch.

    You using 4 inch or 6 inch pads on the arches?

  3. Well sadly i was only supplied with 6" pads so thats all i have to use.
    The car was a city car before we had it so no doubts its been bashed about and possibly had a bit of spraying done which explains the colour on the pad.

    The 45 mins to an hour working on the panel wasnt solid work i had a few breaks to get the feeling back in my hands as the machine gives off some vibrations lol

    ive looked at the car today and the patch isnt knowtisable at all so ime guessing the final polish corrected it. Ive carried on working the side of the car and ime now on the rear quarter. i got lots of scratches out around the key hole on the door aswell which i was happy about.

    only problem is doing a whole car takes it time for sure but i guess u have to put in the time to get the desired finish and keep the paint looking fresh.

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