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How long does the Boat take to set sail?

copperband May 22, 2007

  1. copperband

    copperband Member

    For those that have had cars recently does anyone know the answer to the above question?

    I spoke the $tealer last Monday 14th who told me my new S3 had a status of something like loaded and awaiting shipping. They hoped that would mean the car would be accross the PDI centre by the end of last week and then available for me mid to late this week.

    I called them yesterday to only be told the status was still saying awaitng shipping.Much to my great annoyance this really messes my plans up as I have now got my BMW due to go back on friday but no car to replace it with.

    For those who have tracked the progress of recent orders can you give me any insights in to possible timelines I might be looking at?

  2. JohnS3

    JohnS3 Active Member

    Loaded and awaiting shipping may mean that the car is on the train and on it's way to the shipping yard or even on the boat. It's really poor when dealers don't know how long delivery takes, apart from a guess. I've read a few threads about this recently. May have something to do with the fact that if they give you a definate delivery date and they miss it, they have to provide a loan car. I tried to find out detailed delivery info for my car. Turns out that the transport company faxed the dealer the day before the car arrived. Perhaps you can give Audi CS a call with your consigment number and see if they can help out or push the dealer on your behalf.

    Good luck ;)
  3. copperband

    copperband Member

    Good advice John, I feel I pushed the dealer pretty hard last week.It wasn't helped that on Thursday Audi apparently had a major computer system crash which meant a lot of info was missing as the system caught up on Friday.

    They told me yesterday that they have made a special request to Audi in Germany to prioritise the shipping of my car, the problem is that they can only submit such requests once a week on Tuesday which means that assuming they act straight away and do something with it that my car still won't realistically be her until late next week at best (bank hol doesn't help).

    What a stupid system that one status can cover seemingly the whole period from leaving the factory to arrival at PDI.Surely in this day and age when I can track the progress of a parcel as it is transported around the world you'd think a car would be a little easier :think:
  4. My car took 10 working days to collect, from the phone call I received, telling me that the car was awaiting shipping. My friend's took the same time, but a few guys on here got theirs, as little as 5 days after the call.
    Your car should be ready to collect, no later than next Friday.
  5. Amchlolor

    Amchlolor Active Member

    I work in the freight industry.
    I'd love to know how much the shipping/transport company are given to transport a car from Germany to the UK.
    I bet it's an absolute pittance,so the transit times will be shocking.
    Simple as that really.
    No other reason for it,none at all.
  6. mcmasman

    mcmasman Member

    Both hardcore Hallam (2 posts above) and I have the same build week (week 18), this is my timeline:

    Order: 28th Feb
    Build: 30th April - 4th May
    arrive: 18th May
    pick up: 24th May

    P.S. 6 days between arrive and pick up is because there was a weekend in between and my gf wanted to come ...

    Since you have build week 19 and I had 18, sounds about right that i'm collecting this week and you "should" be collecting next week?
  7. copperband

    copperband Member

    Update: Just spoke to the $tealer again and got told that there are approx 250 Wk19 builds still awaiting shipping on a backlog of which mine is one.
    They are waiting for Audi Germany to confirm when they will be leaving.Apparently it takes 48 hours from port to port which I find pretty amazing,it's not that far is it?

    They then said don't count on it being next week, it will likely be the week after:w00t:
  8. Steve-L

    Steve-L Member

    My car was scheduled to be built week beginning 7/5, it was apparently at the docks awaiting a ship by 9/5. I was told there is a large backlog and Audi had arranged two ships last weekend.
    I phoned the dealers today and it was shipped over the weekend and will be delivered to the dealers on Friday 25th, the drivers pack (number plates etc) has been ordered and will be with the dealers on Tuesday 29th so I can pick up my new car Wednsday 30th.
    I originally ordered the car 1/3/07.

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