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how long does long life oil last - S3 2002

bpascua Oct 8, 2007

  1. bpascua

    bpascua Member

    Hello All,

    I bought my first S3 last week and I'm very pleased it. The chap I bought it off had it since new, he last had it serviced 22 months ago, when it had 26k on the clock. It has now got 33k on the clock and I have just noticed the service indicator has said I should get it serviced in 400 miles. It's last service was a big long life that cost £700 abd they did the haldex oil as well. Does it seem reasonable that a long life service only last 7k?

    Thanks for any advice

  2. gjcknocker

    gjcknocker Member

    Longlife service is based on either mileage or time....looks like yours is based on time as it will probably be 2 yrs since last service and will include a brake fluid change as well

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