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How HIDs self level

cha1n Nov 20, 2006

  1. cha1n

    cha1n Member

    Could anyone supply me with a picture of how the self leveling is achieved on facelift (2001-2003) HID headlamps? I've tried looking at the ETKA diagram and i can't see any sort of motor which would do this so i was wondering how it works. Cheers for any help
  2. PaulRS3

    PaulRS3 Well-Known Member

    no pictures, but the jist of how it works....

    1 x motor in each headlight.

    Sensors on the suspension feed back to ecu(s) that then tell the motor which way to move +/- from its home position.

    hence why to manually adjust the beam, the xenons must be "parked" in a diagnostic home position, with dealer or vag com equipment, before manual adjustments.

    Motors are small units, which can be wired with external plug, or some wired internally. I cant remember which the S3 has, never had to look that close.
  3. col6821

    col6821 Member

    The motor plug connection is on the inside edge of the rear of the lamp. It's the only one that looks like it doesn't connect to a bulb.
    I've disconnected my nearside motor as the beam kept dropping to the floor. I'll have a crack at fixing it when the weather's a bit warmer.
  4. cha1n

    cha1n Member

    Well i'm going to be retro fitting parts from these headlights http://www.hella.com/produktion/Hel...cific_Products/AudiA3/Double_HL/Double_HL.jsp I'm not a fan of the look of these headlamps so i'll be stripping down all of the components and retrofitting them into my facelift lamps, i'm hoping as standard equipment is hella that sizes will be the same but i'll soon find out. I've also got the headlamp washers to fit, but hopefully i'll end up with a full road legal set of xenons for half the price. I'll post pictures of progress when i receive the lights.
  5. SwedeS3

    SwedeS3 Member

    here you go cha1n, i have taken a photo of mine while i have them apart, if you need any other photo's give me a shout in the next hour before i put them back together again




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