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How heavy is an a6 avant tailgate?

installer69 Dec 6, 2004

  1. installer69

    installer69 Member

    Cos I managed to shut my nose in mine yesterday.

    Oh how they laughed...pointing out that my large hooter was hard to miss.

    Of course, if my wife hadn't removed the load cover, put it below the fridge(!!don't ask)then promptly dropped and smashed an egg on it but didn't clean it off, then went 'oh yes' when I mentioned it's absence and still hasn't put it back in the car, so couldn't cover the xmas pressies in the car park, so I had to arrange old bags and wellies over them, then pulled the tailgate down with great annoyance and force...on my nose, it would never have happened.

    See, I can always blame the wife for everything.

    She pointed out that if I hadn't bought her a Porsche, which we ended up in tears of laughter outside Argos, with our 5 bags, of which only half the contents of one of them fitted in the bonnet/boot, then she wouldn't have had to take the rs6 as well and I wouldn't have injured myself.

    Bloody women; always think they are right.

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