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How hard is it to buy a front lower bumper spoiler, & what do you recommend

motosparkz Nov 4, 2008

  1. motosparkz

    motosparkz Member

    Audi A4 (B6) 2.5tdi Quattro Avant - SE model

    Right, story so far... this week so far I have taken off the 17" Star alloys & fitted 18" RS4 new style reps with 235/40/18 Goodyear F1 Asymmetrical tyres.

    Today I have put a DPM supplied Weitec Spring & Damper Sportsline kit with a 35mm drop. (What a bugger it is to get the rear coils out on a Quattro eh!!)

    Just had a full 4 wheel geometry setting done. Wow, what a different car.

    Now for the help.... I need our front bumper painting, so fancy fitting a lower to the standard SE bumper, while I am at it whilst also getting the sills & door bottoms, including rear bumper lower colour coded. The front standard bumper just looks soooo bland. I can get away with the rest for now but need a transformation up front. I need something that will fit a standard SE bumper, not sport or S-line.

    Problem is, Audi don't seem to recognise that there ever was a B6 S-Line model. They can't supply, or even price for a Sport, Votex or GMBH lower without a reg no' as their computers apparently are listing it in weird PR codes, as this although being an option, was factory only?? They did not appear to be the most helpful bunch, even after trying two Audi dealerships.

    I have managed to find an ABT front lower, but not sure how this would look on our car. Does anyone have one of these & tell me how it fits, ie quality.

    Does anyone else have any recommendations on a front lower. Eventually I will stick door blades & a rear spoiler & bumper lower on it, but money is running out:sly:

    Cheers for any & all input peeps.

    Shane, (York)

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