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How fustrating!

imported_Nigma May 30, 2006

  1. imported_Nigma

    imported_Nigma Guest

  2. TQS

    TQS Member

    Ha ha, he did - it continues... check out his sale of his Citroen Xsara too!
  3. necroeire

    necroeire Active Member

    Frustrating questions alright, some complete idiots out there. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/10_1_114.gif
  4. TDI-line

    TDI-line Uber Post Whore Team Floret Silver quattro Audi A3 Black Edition TDi

    Briliant. A must read.

    Again no swaps. What is it with people, when I say no swaps please don't take it as a challange. I have been offfered a caravan, 12 cars, 1 lorry, to have my garden landscaped, some rare fish, and I'm sorry but the very kind gent (Donald) who offered me a weekend with his wife (and him it would appear) I have a special message for you. The pictures you sent me of your wife did not, in all honesty help. Some of them looked more like a traffic accident than something that I might remotely find alluring. I am sure that if you set up your own website (assuming that it's not illegal) there will be plenty of sad sacks (many from ebay land going by this experience) who will indulge your (and your wifes) desires.
    The tyres on the right hand side of the vehicle are not flat. The reason the picture of the rear seats is 'wonky' as you put it, has an awful lot to do with the fact that I was trying to perch myself between the two front seats facing backwards. There was a very interesting hand brake and gear stick threatening to change my gender at that moment. Additionally at the same time, fending off a small child wearing an eye patch and a pirates bandana who was in the process of trying to hack my left leg off with a large plastic knife; a generous donation to family harmony from Santa.
    The bar you can see in the back is to handcuff the children to.(Joke - don't report me to the RSPCC altough at times....) Its the parcel shelf and can be removed easily.
    Yes it has privacy glass in the back and your eyes do not deceive you. It's really handy - people can't see inside the back as you transport your clan arround. They should make such glass complusory. Stops you getting a fright on the motorway when you glance sideways into a car as see .... I do wonder about some families.

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