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How easy to DIY wishbone and rear beam bushes?

paultownsend Oct 6, 2013

  1. paultownsend

    paultownsend Member

    So I'm pretty handy with a spanner, and I'm also a tight ******!

    how easy with a full tool kit, 4 axle stands, two jacks and a vice would it be to change the bushes on my car? 2wd 1.8t.

    I have gone for rear beam poly bushes, r32 rear donut wishbone bushes with poly fronts. Poly ARB drop links. Also need to change the handbrake cables. It will obviously need tracking afters.

    I have read the guides. It appears the important tools are a hack saw blade and hammer!

    My my mani concern is the rear beam bush, but these were only changed last year (but not fitted correctly putting out the rear beam geometry), and pressing in the new Lemforder R32 donut bushes with vice.

    Kind regards
  2. JimS3

    JimS3 Active Member

    Front wishbone bushes are not too bad with a big vice.
    The rear beam bushes are easy enough on a ramp, not sure I would attempt them on the ground.
  3. paultownsend

    paultownsend Member

    With the fronts would you just nip the bush in every 10 degrees? Or just attack in one go?
    im hoping that with the tears only being in 18 months, the etal surfaces haven't had too much time to rust together.

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