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how easy is it to swap stock springs for aftermarket springs?

VAGMAN1 Apr 12, 2005

  1. VAGMAN1

    VAGMAN1 Member

    just wondered if this is a DIY job - front looks quite easy but the rear looks harder due to the torsion-bar set-up

    also what's the consensus on keeping the stock dampers?
  2. This is a hard one to answer as it depends on your level of "DIY", I wouldn`t think twice about changing the springs, shockers whatever but you do need the right tools for the job.
  3. HTC

    HTC Active Member

    The hub clamps the strut at the bottom. This is intentional. A splitting tool is required to release the strut.

    Another think to metion when lowering an A3 is to loosen the rear trailing arm main bolts when the car is on the ground and then retighten them. The reason being that when the car is lower the rubber mounts twist. They need resetting otherwise they can split and wearout sooner.

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