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How easy is it to fit a facelift centre console in a pre-facelift?

Blue_Thunder Aug 7, 2007

  1. Blue_Thunder

    Blue_Thunder Well-Known Member

    Has anyone done this before? If so, did you have any issues?

    I notice that the cigarette lighter is in the rear part of the centre console rather than below the climate control in the pfl.
    Are there any other bits other than that wiring that will need modification to fit?

    Did the different buttons need different connections, etc?
  2. 951

    951 Member

    I looked into this but was told its more hassle than its worth with the wiring. You can fit the late rear half of the console with the armrest to the early front console though !!!
  3. Blue_Thunder

    Blue_Thunder Well-Known Member

    Oh well, i've bought the bits now. Reckon i'll just have to suck it and see...

    Also, i've got a pre-facelift centre console with an armrest, the new facelift I've got doesn't have one. Armrest is a PITA in my opinion anyway. When it's down you can't get to the handbrake easily and changing gear is awkward. Reckon they are only of any use on motorway journeys, but even then, it's not easy to pull the thing into position when you're doing motorway speeds.
  4. g60leigh

    g60leigh Well-Known Member

    are you selling the early arm rest?

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