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How do you work out value?

MrTackalakalaka Aug 21, 2012

  1. Hello there everyone

    Now first of all.......Moderators......im asking for advice, not trying to sell my car here....(i don't actually want to sell my car i just want to see how much its worth etc)

    Ive looked at piston heads......autotrader, classifieds etc and found a rough idea of prices that cars are going for.


    My car has got a history.......
    It was stolen and recovered
    It also had a category D write off

    Can this effect the value much? How do you actually work it out?

    I won't give any other info on my car like mileage etc because might look like I'm trying to advertise it on here. Just want opinions of how much its history could effect the value.

  2. <tuffty/>

    <tuffty/> Badger 5 Edition...Its all about the flow... Staff Member Moderator Audi S3

    tbh... the gauge is market value rather than what a book might say or what you have spent etc...

    Piston heads, ebay, autotrader etc are best ways to see what the markets like and would be the best gauge for actual value...

    I paid 7.5k for mine 4 years ago... have spent that and a bit no doubt since... what is it worth? who the hell knows... certainly worth more to me than any value I could put on it...

    Even book values are meaningless... if your car is an excellent example in almost new condition its worth no more than one with the engine about to go in most peoples eyes but one person may be willing to pay the extra as they want 'that' car..

    For anyone looking for an S3 rather than 'the S3 they have been waiting for' then value is what you can get for it...

    Not sure what Cat D does to value but can knock 1/4 to 1/3 of the price depending on the start point... but again if its a documented repair and all is good with the world it can have less affect on price if the car is a decent example..

    Had an APY in the other week... it was in much better condition than a lot of facelifts I have seen... 55k miles and was genuine throughout... guy paid 2600 for it...

  3. kwistof

    kwistof South East Events Moderator Regional Rep

    I take it the insurance company paid out for the cat D on your car and you purchased it back from then? Or a previous owner did?

    If so then what was the pay out from it as an insurance company wouldn't give you more than the car has been previously written off for which is why you always find Cat C/D cars cheaper.
  4. olds_kool

    olds_kool Active Member VCDS Map User

    It would put a lot of people off buying it, but those that know it's a good buy are still going to use it as a massive bargaining point
    I read somewhere that it would knock about 20% off value if repaired to original condition
    I bought my a4 for about half book value but it still needed work, i wouldn't hesitate to buy another cat d but I'd want a big discount
  5. jojo

    jojo Looking for Boost! Staff Member Moderator Team Daytona Audi S3 quattro Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    I'd go with Cat D as 1/3 off market price in general, but this changes on the type of car, and whether it's rare or desireable etc.
  6. thegoal007

    thegoal007 Another S3 owner....

    the mere fact you stick the loss category in your advert will no doubt (and unfortunately) put people off regardless of the price and whatever you say after that.
    The interested parties will typically be the people above who have commented so if the price is attractive enough to 'those' people then it will sell.
    At the end of the day if it was me I would scour adverts on similar vehicles and price accordingly. I'm sure the deal you would have received from the insurance il.e write off value + price to buy it back was a good deal so probably be happy with anything above the buy it back price (and I'm sure you are bound to get well over that !)
  7. colicabcadam

    colicabcadam Guest

    stolen recovered will put almost 90% of people off and then a cad d to add to that

    sorry mate, if you want to sell your car you have to lure people with an offer too good to be true, half price

    audi a3 with no history for £2,000
    same spec audi with bad history £1500

    would you really buy the car with the bad history for a £500 saving ?

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