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how do you take off the rear door card????

S3 ROCKS Jun 10, 2008

  1. S3 ROCKS

    S3 ROCKS steve

    :s3addict:The drivers in my sub are shot so ive sourced a second hand one to replace it. My problem is to get the sub out i have to take the cd player and holder out and my tv tuner and holder thats located above the sub. To do all of this it looks as though i have to take the rear l/h panel out in the boot, and the rear left hand door card as screw fixings for the boot panel are located under this.
    I've managed to take the boot panel off to an extent, to carry on i now neeed to take the rear door card off. Does anyone know how to take this off. I don't just want to start yanking it off and end up damaging it or breaking brackets/clips in th eprocess as then it wont fit flush again. Thanks in advance
  2. jojo

    jojo Looking for Boost! Staff Member Moderator Team Daytona Audi S3 quattro Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    You need to remove the rear seat first, just lift it up and squeeze on the 2 metal things and it will come off, then folt the rear seat back down. Then you need to pull the sill trim off, this requires a firm pull and is held in place by metal clips, careful not to lose them. Open the back window and lift the rubber seal between the rear quarter panel and the doorcard trim. There should be a few clips you need to remove now, once you've done that, the whole rear panel is clipped to the car like the sill trim, so you need a firm pull to get it off, careful you don't damage it just below the B pillar part, as that always seems to be the most firm clip.
  3. S3 ROCKS

    S3 ROCKS steve

    Thanks JoJo ill give it a go tomorow
  4. cjhill

    cjhill hmmmmm interesting.

    just one extra piece of advice... be carefull when pulling the clips as they can suddenly give, and you end up pulling the door card really hard which can rip it easily, especially at the top where the rubber holds it next to the window.

    I had some damage to the car repaired and the body shop did just this and tried to hide it. It was a small tear in the middle top section almost hidden by the rubber.

    Good luck

    Ive removed mine a few times now, occasionally the clips come unstuck from the door card but they are easy to glue back on.

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