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How do you adjust headlights

sk11d Oct 11, 2010

  1. sk11d

    sk11d New Member

    Probly a stupid question but does anyone know how to adjust the level of my head lights? I have a 08 s3 and keep getting flashed all the time.I have seen standard a3s and the button for adjusting them is were my DRLs button is. can anyone help?
  2. dickys3

    dickys3 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    If it's anything like the 8l s3's you need to set them to learn mode using vagcom, then get the garage to adjust them and then take it out of learn mode!

    As for the height, they are self leveling so there isn't a way of manually adjusting them.
  3. IanS3

    IanS3 Interweb creep

    You need vagcom to disable the self level mechanism and then you can manually adjust the beam via the back of the headlight unit, then go back into vagcom and re enable the auto adjust and it's done.
  4. circleswim

    circleswim Lacks Car Funds...

    You can adjust them manually, using the plastic Allen head screws on the headlamp housing, I think they are 8mm from memory, word of warning though, if you don't do it right you could fail the mot if they're not aligned properly and then the garage will charge you to re align them and a retest if your unlucky.

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