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How do i take the rear passenger panel of my 8p a3, i wanna upgrade my speakers?

blackace Dec 30, 2010

  1. blackace

    blackace New Member

    hello people,

    i wanna take the rear panels of my audi a3 3 door (8p) so i can get to the speakers and upgrade them/
    I cannot find any guides on the internet at alllll

    Can anyone tell me how to do it or show me where i can get a guide from on the net etc

    Please and thank you
  2. Lee_R

    Lee_R Active Member

    You may be suprised to find out there are no screws, the whole panel literally pulls off. Its on big spring clips. When pulling at it, you will think you are breaking it, it will creak and all sorts!

    I'd start by pulling the door rubber out and working from that side. Be careful not to pull it away from the car too far as you will snap some clips.

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