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How do I stop squeaky rear brakes????

technics100 Mar 18, 2005

  1. technics100

    technics100 Active Member

    It is doing my head in, my brakes squeak at low speeds, I replaced the pads 1000 miles ago, but since then they squeal and squeak like mad. I took the pads out and covered them in copper grease. but it seems to be worse. Do you think puting new discs on would stop the noise?

  2. hopper

    hopper Member

    depends on the condition of the disk. take the pads out again, clean them up with some 80's sandpaper, clean up and grease the back of the pad and where the pad sits on the caliper guide. give the disk a good clean up with the sandpaper as well and you should be sorted mate. if the disk has a lip on it or the face is corroded then get new.
  3. mlcadman

    mlcadman Member

    just sorted same problem on my a3 and as said just a bit of light sand paper does the job fine

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