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How Do I.. Replace A Bi-Xenon Bulb, Without Taking The Bumper Off...

v1raj Dec 30, 2011

  1. v1raj

    v1raj Member

    Hey guys,

    On the way to work today a "Dipped Right Headlight" error appeared on my DIS.. As expected, the drivers side headlight was out (passenger still on).

    I upgraded the bulbs to 6k ones earlier in the year and still have the originals at home.. Is there any way i can replace the bulb without having to go through the hassle of removing the bumper?

    Any How-To's, pictures, YouTube clips or tips would be appreciated.

  2. L80EWY

    L80EWY Member

    If you search on YouTube I think there's a video, I think it will be hard to do with the headlights on the car. I've got a pair of single xenon headlights to go on the car and I can't even get the bulbs back in :/
  3. chrissy1502002

    chrissy1502002 Member

    Take your wheel off and drop your arch liner down. This will give you enough access to get into the light unit and change the bulb. You may need a pair of long nose pliers to put the wiring on with

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