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How do I get that bl**dy G200 sensor off?!

Squirrelofdoom May 1, 2012

  1. Squirrelofdoom

    Squirrelofdoom Member

    Hi guys,

    Am trying to replace my G200 sensor, but I want to get the original off beforehand so that I can see exactly which part number it is I want. So far I think the numbers are:

    G200: 1J0 907 651A
    Longitudinal sensor (G202?): 1J2 907 637A

    Firstly, can anyone confirm those are the correct numbers for my car? X-reg 1999/2000 S3 8L

    Secondly, even if I should get the right part, I could not for the life of my get the damn thing off when I tried today. I got the trim under the steering wheel off fine, no worries. Then I could see the brass-y bracket which held both the aforementioned sensors (larger one on top, G200 on the bottom). This is attached to the subframe with one 13mm bolt...however, I really don't see how to get to it from underneath. I eventually tried taking off the trim above the steering wheel but though this is ridiculous and decided to ask to see how everyone else got at that bolt. The bolt head has two pins either side of it meaning you can't get a ratchet spanner on it, but then I couldn't find a way around to get a socket drive on either :S I can post pictures if people want, but hopefully you would have come up against this before :)

    Thanks guys!!
  2. jackpilk

    jackpilk Member

    Hi Aran, the sensor is 100% possible to get out of it's bronze plate it sits in.. you will have to get a flat blade screw driver or something similar to prize the clip open and the sensor will literally fall out into your hands, you will have to use a bit of pressure but it does work. I did mine the other week, fiddly job!
  3. Squirrelofdoom

    Squirrelofdoom Member

    Hi Jack. So this is the small sensor that sits in the sort of C shaped bracket underneath the larger sensor? See picture below, the highlighted sensor? So I can just prise it out of that clip without having to take the entire assembly off?


    Thanks mate, hope you're right as it would save me a hell of a lot of hassle!! And to put the new one in, same technique?


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