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how do I get into the doors on an 8L, 5-door?

jimmp Aug 29, 2013

  1. jimmp

    jimmp Member

    I've got to open the driver's side door on my 5-door 8L quattro as the interior light/alarm are going banana's due to the microswitch in the doorlock. I've got a new lock.

    I did this job a couple of years ago on my 8L quattro 3-door but the panels ARE NOT the same!

    There are NO screws at either end high up on the sides and as far as I can tell (I've had the passenger grab handle out) NO screws revealed by removing grab handle.

    I don't see a 'how-to' guide for the 5-door here: any help greatly appreciated: thanks...

  2. kevin0410

    kevin0410 New Member

    There's two screws concealed under black plastic covers at each end at top of the door card. These covers slide up to reveal the screws. Then just lift the whole card up and it will release from the clips.

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