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How Do Headlight Washers Work?

imported_kbininger Feb 14, 2005

  1. I did not even know our A4 has headlight washers until someone stole the caps. How do they work? There is no mention of them in the owners manual!

  2. jb7_uk

    jb7_uk Member

    Hehe not to worry m8, they do hide themselves well.

    i dont know technical stuff, but basically, if your headlights are on, and your pull the stick to wash your windscreen, then the little bits pop up out of the bumber just infront of the light, and squirt a jet of water at the light to blast the **** and grime off it. then they retract back so they sit flush with the surface of the bumper.

  3. FezzR

    FezzR Member

    usually they use pressure from the washer pump to push them up and spray, some uses small motors but not very often,

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