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How can I tell if I have an alarm?

imported_bpascua Jul 17, 2004

  1. imported_bpascua

    imported_bpascua Guest

    Hello All,

    Question, I have a 96 A4 i.8T - when I lock the car with the key I hear a slight honk from the engine (the horn) as if an alarm was being armed. Is this normal? or should I say was this standard? I dont have a key fob or anything so I didnt think there was an alarm.

    Then this afternoon I left the sunroof completely open, this might have ben a cooincidence and after a bit I heard a honking sound! I went out to the from of the house and sure enough the cars indicators were flashing and the horn was going. I put the key in the lock and it stopped - wierd.

    So can anyone shed any light on what type of security this might be? also I was hoping to fit a remote entry kit to the car, will this cause me problems or will the alarm be armed when the Central locking is used - by key or keyfob alike? As an aside I cant see any sensors in the inside of the car (like a microwave jobbie)

    sorry to ask all these questions but I am still getting to know the car and it seems to be full of suprises!



  2. kgough

    kgough Member

    Yes, what you experienced was indeed the factory fitted alarm going off! On my A4 with remote central locking the alarm is activated/deactivated as the doors are locked/unlocked (it's the same as using the key!)

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