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Housing executive and contractors?

supanova Mar 10, 2011

  1. supanova

    supanova A3 2.0 TDI SE

    Ok so i live in a small housing executive house with a large back garden and two small left and right side gardens at the front of my house. A few weeks ago contractors where sent out from the housing exec to replace the curbing that surounded the teo front side gardens and to make a new path leading down to the washing line in the back garden.

    giving that my dadis a proud man when it comes to gardening he was a bit unhappy when told that they had to dig some of the gardens up to replace the curbing which in result would mean removal of plants, garden items hedges and bushes. they told mydad that they would re-tar the full drive from back to front. this made him a little bit happier.

    so over the past few weeks we have had diggers concreting construction men etc working away ripping up half our drive and gardens and patching large holes left right and center. at the moment it looks like a proper dogs dinner. my dad stated to me that once the drive gets re-tar'd that it will look better and tidier.

    well all was fine until he got a phone call this morning informing him that they WON'T be re-taring the full drive but just patching the areas that they have disturbed.

    so what can we do to stop them from making more mess of our drive and get them to tar the full thing as they promised in the first place?!?

    our drive/garden curbs/path to line where decent enought until they got their hands on it?!

    help guys any information will be great!!

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