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Hot Off The Press...A3 1.8T / S3

DaveS3Turbo Jul 5, 2005

  1. DaveS3Turbo

    DaveS3Turbo Sepang Blue S3



    Austria information to the new AUDI A3 with single Frame

    Market situation: The "prestige vehicles" in the compact car class experienced a proper boom in the first five months: From Jaenner to May 2005 nearly twice as many vehicles became again certified (+90.5 per cent) as in the comparison period of the previous year with its 3,488 new permissions with 6.646 new permissions. Reason for it are the model innovations with all market participants. This strengthened also the entire compact car segment, that with 55.268 new permissions (+7.5 per cent) clearly more strongly added than the total market development (+0.2 per cent).

    Competitive position: The undisputed Leader in this segment of high-quality compact cars is followed the AUDI A3 with 2.542 pieces, of the Mercedes A-class with 1.651 pieces and the BMW 1er-Reihe with 1.241 pieces and the Alfa 147 with 1.212. The success of AUDI in this period is carried to 80 per cent of the A3 sport-bakes, which already carries the new optics of the AUDI appearance. With the employment of the "single Frame" also with the three-door model AUDI should succeed to strengthen its market position in this fahrzeugklasse further.

    In the success of the A3 the at present generally high demand for AUDI models in Austria reflects itself. With 6 per cent market share is the mark AUDI with its entire program on an all time high.

    Introduction on the market: The introduction on the market of the AUDI A3 with single Frame took place already surface covering in Austria.

    The A3-Einstiegspreise *):


    A3 1,6 75 KW/102 HP 5-Gang 22,230, - euro
    A3 1,6 FSI 95 KW/1115 HP 6-Gang 23,320, - euro
    A3 2,0 FSI 110 KW/150 HP 6-Gang 26,790, - euro
    A3 2,0 TFSI 147 KW/200 HP DSG 6-Gang 33,600, - euro
    A3 3,2 V6 quattro 184 KW/250 HP 6-Gang 40,450, - euro


    A3 1,9 TDI 77 KW/105 HP 5-Gang 23,250, - euro
    A3 2,0 TDI D-PF 103 KW/140 HP 6-Gang 26,740, - euro

    *) Noncommittal one, did not kartellierte standard prices inclusive new facts (inclusive ยง 14a November AG) and VAT.

    Further planned FSI versions:
    A3 1,8 T FSI 125 KW/170 HP 6-Gang/DSG at the end of of 2006
    S3 2,0 T FSI with about 260 HP 6-Gang quattro at the end of of 2006

    Market expectation: For the year 2005 Porsche Austria expects altogether 5,400 A3-Neuzulassungen, of it 25 per cent (of 1.350) A3-3-Tuerer.

    More expected engine-mix 2005: The rising fuel prices strengthen the demand for diesel engined vehicles particularly with many drivers. Is in the best way provided for AUDI customers with other preferences nevertheless. The FSI Motorenpalette is far varied and has with the new TFSI a particularly high performance aggregate.

    Porsche Austria expects one engine-mixes from 90 per cent of Diesels (of it 65 per cent of 1.9 the l TDI and 35 per cent of 2.0 the l TDI) and 10 per cent of Benziner (of it half of FSI).

    Quattro portions: The quattro portion with the A3 was attached with the Diesels
    15 per cent and with the Benzinern with 25 per cent.

    Fahrzeugbestand (2004):
    A3 28,000 (without 1.200 sport-bake)
    of it approximately 4,200 Benziner (15 per cent)

    Portion of 3-Tuerer: approximately 19,500 (70 per cent)
    Portion of 5-Tuerer: approximately 8,500 (30 per cent)

    BMW 1er-Reihe 940

    Alfa147 9.800

    Mercedes A-class 14.900

    Until in the middle of June 2005 sold AUDI since the introduction of the A3 in July 1996 to nearly 22,000 A3-3-Tuerer and since March 1999 nearly 8,500 A3 5-Tuerer. From the A3 sport-bake could since the introduction on the market in September 2004 over 4.000 vehicles be set off.

  2. TDI-line

    TDI-line Uber Post Whore Team Floret Silver quattro Audi A3 Black Edition TDi

    Nice find Dave.

    Lets hope it's true.
  3. TDI-line

    TDI-line Uber Post Whore Team Floret Silver quattro Audi A3 Black Edition TDi

    260 bhp isn't bad from the 2.00 TFSI.

    325 bhp would be pretty good with an average (+25%) remap too.

    330 bhp with the milltec exhausts.

    You see where i'm going... /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/burningmad.gif
  4. DaveS3Turbo

    DaveS3Turbo Sepang Blue S3

    YE, How quick 6.1 Secs.... To keep in Line.

  5. TDI-line

    TDI-line Uber Post Whore Team Floret Silver quattro Audi A3 Black Edition TDi

    Well, Audi do need to pull their finger out, after all the new astra vxr will be producing 240 bhp ffrom their 2.00 turbo engine and will be low 6 seconds for 0-60.

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