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Horn / Airbag light problem

MikeS Feb 26, 2004

  1. MikeS

    MikeS New Member

    Car's a 98 A4 2.8Q Avant. Problem is, after a battery change, the airbag light's come on, so I had this checked by Audi, plugged it in, came back with a fault on the airbag ignitor. Marvellous, Audi dealer says new airbag unit needed mate.

    However the horn has also stopped working and I'm wondering if the 2 are connected in any way. I've checked the horns, they work when powered from another car, so checked back to the wheel to find that there's no power coming from the 'airbag' section when it's pressed. Removed the unit, checked it all over and the connections are fine into the plug behind the airbag unit on the steering wheel.

    Something that's been mentioned as a possible cause is a plastic 'ring' behind the wheel, which apparently has a metal strip in it that keeps a permanent contact to the car and wheel. If this has failed then it could cause the lack of power for the horn, plus the signal to the ecu that the airbag isn't working. It's meant to be a failure noted on VW Passats before, I'm wondering if it's the same part on the A4?

    Anyone had this before?? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated before I assume the position at the dealers for them to look at it. I'm also getting a bit fed up of having to resort to shouting at idiotic drivers rather than letting them have it with the horn !!



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