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Honest opinions

minifreak Feb 6, 2010

  1. minifreak

    minifreak New Member


    Im new to this place and considering getting a S3, Basically my mates Got a Silver 2001 faclift model, covvered just 66000 with full service history. has crome mirrors, black heated electric leather, bose system, parking sensors, xenons ect
    He told me i can have it for £6500 which sounds pretty good to me.

    Only problem is i currenly have a Golf GTTDi 150, i love this car as it quick and returns 50-60mpg. also the golf is worth bout 4k so obviously i need to find an extra 2.5k to fund the audi?

    Questions, whats the MPG of an s3 like? reliability? and depreciation?

    Also any common probs i need to watch for?


  2. chris_marshall

    chris_marshall MTM S3, Aprilia RSV Mille

    Sounds pretty cheap to me, if its in good condition. Not had mine long so can't quote on the reliability but the economy was better than I was expecting. Seem to achieve 35mpg on a careful run.
  3. emery1990

    emery1990 Active Member

    Is the golf an anniversary edition, i thought it would get more than that.

    But s3's give out around 30mpg normally, although 35mpg can be reached sometimes. At that mileage just make sure the cambelt and water pumps are done.

    As they are a disired car i dont think depreciation is that much of a problem.

    Someone else with an s3 will comment on the rest as i havnt got one.

    Do you genrally want one or just thinking of it because your mate as offered it too you? Youd probally notice the costs of owning an s3 alot compared to you golf. I doubt up untill the powerband of the golf dies off, it would be far behind from an s3? specially if the golfs remmaped.
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2010
  4. jojo

    jojo Looking for Boost! Staff Member Moderator Team Daytona Audi S3 quattro Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    Cambelt/waterpump due on the S3 @66k miles? If it's had the work done, then bargain, if not, put £350 aside with an independant to carry out the work. If MPG is a concern, keep the Golf, you will also miss the midrange torque your diesel offers when getting an S3, unless you get it remapped!
  5. Westy

    Westy Well-Known Member

    My S3 gives be an average of 24mpg but I mainly only do short town journeys. You will notice a massive difference in your fuel bill..massive! Reliabilty wise its fine but I am starting to replace tired components like the suspension and brakes. £6.5k is a good price if its been looked after.
  6. CasperS3

    CasperS3 New Member

    Fair price....wouldn't be yelling BARGAIN !, but good spec. and FSH. With the benefit of knowing the car better than you would with any ordinary private purchase.

    Your friend is probably astute enough to realise it would be tough to get much more elsewhere.

    Cambelt ? ,also getting to the age where wishbones and springs will need replacing.

    35MPG on a very gentle run, although I am on 19.6MPG average at the moment (lots of cold short trips !)
  7. voorhees

    voorhees Moderator Staff Member Moderator Team V8 Audi S5 s tronic

    26 on short and 30 plus on long journeys,mines been good for 5 years,its not plumetting in price.

    common probs mmmmm a few.... indicator relay,water pump needs the metal impeller one instead of plastic,door sensor when hot says its open,roof rails have corrosive problems,alarm is thief friendly as a casio watch is louder and the battery plays up,coilpacks can blow especially when remapped,and the DIS (on board computer) has known to lose pixels.
  8. chancer

    chancer Member

    Mine gives 28 mpg average. I am in the position where I also have a Golf 2.0TDI on an 09 plate. Both cars are excellent. The Audi feels much heavier and handles better. The Golf is very quick though and drives well. In honesty if I only had one car it would possibly be the Golf for running cost reasons.
    If you don't do mega miles and can accept higher repair costs then the Audi is a real buzz to drive. I certainly wouldn't give mine up easily. The price is about right and the car sounds in good condition, plus your mate is hardly likely to sell you a lemon.
  9. Dani_B19

    Dani_B19 Audi-sports own special child.

    £6500 for a golf! Would pick an s3 over a mk4 golf anyday of the week.

    Wait and get an s3.
  10. chancer

    chancer Member

    Which part of the thread didn't you read correctly?
    He has the golf which he values at 4k he wants to know about his mates S3 at £ 6500
  11. MIKE GTR

    MIKE GTR Member

    I'd say the bit about the golf ;)

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