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1.8JT Jun 28, 2009

  1. 1.8JT

    1.8JT Boots Electric

    Might look to sell my a4 as we dont really use it anymore. I dont have a clue how much it is worth.

    2004 1.8t avant sline.
    Dolphin grey.
    light pack/cool box/black roof lining etc
    Full service history/cam belt changed/all aux belts and rollers changed etc.
    12mts MOT etc.

    So if anybody has any experience of selling recently or any ideas then they are much appreciated.

    This is the only pic i can find on my computer:icon_thumright:

  2. inS4ne

    inS4ne lives for speed

    Websites like WhatCar?, Parkers and Wisebuyers guide have free valuation services. Parkers will charge you a fee for adjustments based on options, mileage etc. (£4.99 for 24hrs usage I believe).

    Remember to give yourself some manouvering on the price though ;)
  3. BahnStormer77

    BahnStormer77 BahnStormer

    according to Parkers book value for a 190 A.8T S-Line Avant:

    Franchised Dealer £9,450
    Independent Dealer £9,165
    Private Good £8,695
    Private Poor £6,975
    Part Exchange £7,275

    BUT... that's based on 50k miles... and you're at 230% of the average... so the estinmated value really needs to be properly mileage adjusted (which you have to pay Parkers for) if it's in mint condition, then my "finger in the air" guesstimate would be 7k, but I'm reluctant to put any number on it, 'cos I know of decent spec 03 plate Quattro Sport's on similarly OTT mileage that were struggling to go for £4k and their book value is £5300-£6700.

    Have a look on auto trader for similar cars (Audi, A4, Petrol, Extate, >100k, <5 years) and see what you get... but take that witha pinch of salt as there's always a few crazy dreamers out there: when I was selling my golf, the book valeu was £2100-£2200, but some people were advertising ratty look versions for £3500 and there were several for > £3k... I started at £2700 on a one-week punt and then swung it down closer to book value as the advert's time started to run out...
  4. technics100

    technics100 Active Member


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