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Honda F1 Set To Quit

Man Of Mystery Dec 4, 2008

  1. Man Of Mystery

    Man Of Mystery Member

    hey guys, just heard on sky news that if they dont find a buyer by the end of december then they gonna quit. no more jenson button. saying that he was **** anyways.

    Honda team principal Ross Brawn believes the Brackley-based represents a “fantastic opportunity” for an investor to enter Formula 1 in 2009 with a front-running car.
    The team needs to find a new owner or face closure in the next three months after its Japanese manufacturer owner unexpectedly put it up for sale on Friday.
    Next year had been the season Honda was targeting making a breakthrough at the front of the field in F1’s new era of technical regulations, and was one of the first squads to shift its development focus to 2009.
    And while the Honda pull-out means the team may not now get the chance to compete with its new RA109 car next year if no rescue deal can be agreed, Brawn believes the team has everything in place to attract a new owner.
    “It is such a fantastic opportunity for somebody who wants to get involved with Formula 1,” he told Sky News.

    “You won’t find the infrastructure we have here, the quality of people we have here, the facilities we have here and the fact that I believe we have got a front-running car already designed.

    “If we can find that owner, if we can find that investor then they won’t get a better opportunity than this.”
    Honda Racing CEO Nick Fry has already indicated that the Brackley squad has received enquires from possible interested investors.
    Brawn, who was hired by Honda last November to mastermind its route to the top of the sport, added that he was "very optimistic" about the prospect of a buyer.
    However, if the team does succeed in securing a rescue package it will also have to find a new engine for 2009 as Honda has ended its entire F1 programme.
    Itv.com/f1 sources understand that Brawn may seek assistance from his former Ferrari team and try and secure a supply of its V8 units
  2. motorbikez

    motorbikez Active Member

    Its a sad reflection of the world economic meltdown,honda's sales have dropped dramatically like every other car manufacturer so they haven't the money £200 million I beleive to spend on formula one.
  3. Pablos007

    Pablos007 With great power comes great responsibility

    Should shake up the market for team personnel though. Could see some interesting hirings & firings!!
  4. Man Of Mystery

    Man Of Mystery Member

    im sure some shake will buy it up.

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