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Hona Accord Type R

Hotscar Jul 1, 2007

  1. Hotscar

    Hotscar Four Wheel Drifting

    Anyone had an experiences of the above. My brother is looking at chopping his s14a in for one and I just wondered what they're like.
  2. Caesium

    Caesium My BM is fixed! VCDS Map User

    Not sure about the Hona but I've heard the Honda is a pretty good motor, solid engines. They have never had a VTEC back that has failed under warranty.
  3. scib4

    scib4 Beep-Beep!

    I used to have a CTR which i found hard work to keep in the power band especially on a B road compared to a turbo'd car. Coming from a S14 he will probably miss the rear wheel drive too.

    I never had any problems with my CTR in the year i owned it. The ATR always gets a good right up with the 2.2 rather than a 2 litre in the CTR.

  4. critch

    critch It looked like that when I got here

    Hi hotscar

    My brother had one absolutely brilliant car never let him down he had a corolla gti 16v before.

    I don`t know what your brothers like, but mine slightly modified it
    lowered the point the vtec came in and changed the exhaust made a huge difference.

    Fantastic to drive when he let me for a big car comfy and not to bad on juice.

    hope this helps
  5. Hotscar

    Hotscar Four Wheel Drifting

    He ended up getting one in 'pirate's black' and so far so good although he says you have to work the VTEC hard as there's no torque. He also says it sounds nice and for a FWD car it seems to handle pretty well. He's down next month so I'll have to have a blast.
  6. craigynett

    craigynett Member


    Hi mate

    just out of interest, what did he set the VTEC point at? I ask as I used to be pretty active in the Honda clubs a few yrs ago when I had my CRX VTEC.

    I spent a fair wedge moddin it. I tested various VTEC points with the DTA remappable ECU I had & it was a total waste of time lowering below 5k rpm as all it did was actually bog the car down. Even by adding more fuel lower down the rev range to go with lower VTEC point it still didn't help.

    I've heard a lot of people fitting VTEC controllers & just lowering the VTEC to 3.5k rpm. You get the benefit of the nice VTEC growl much earlier but it does sod all for performance. If owt in hinders it. The engine needs to be higher up the rev range for it to make use of the VTEC & extra fuel ;)

    Any proper tuning company with good experience with VTEC will same the same. Originally John Noble Motorsport, as in, Noble M12 GTO etc etc mapped my CRX.

    VTEC was set where it is by Honda so you could cruise on the motorway without having to have the VTEC cam lobes screaming their nuts off at you & wasting all your fuel ;)

    Oh & if you're wondering my CRX didn't just have the usual filter & exhaust mods. It had a 1.8 VTEC block with oversized JDM ITR pistons, reworked crank, 1.6VTEC ported head with ITR cams, valves/followers, JUN Ti retainers & springs, cam gears, inlet manifold, bored out throttle body, 2.2VTEC injectors, etc etc etc

    In the end i'd spent roughly £20k & it was 236bhp. Would have cost less but i'd bought & tried various cams, exhausts, chips etc etc

    Craig :cool:
  7. Ess_Three

    Ess_Three Active Member

    I too used to play about wth Honda's...the ITR specifically, and I found that lowering the VTEC point by 3-400 RPM gave no more power but staged the way the power came in at switchover point and helped prevent wheelspin, especially in 2nd.
    I left the fuelling alone...

    It was 'nicer' to drive with a slightly lower VTEC point.

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