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Home Cinema Advice

stoakseya4 Feb 23, 2007

  1. stoakseya4

    stoakseya4 Active Member


    Have recently bought a new Plasma, which I am extremely happy with.

    I am now looking to replace my old DVD player and speaker system for something much much better.

    I'm looking for a new HDD DVD recorder, c£200.
    A surround sound speaker system - possibly the Bose small cubes (Acoustimass), or the Mission M Cube (similar looking but cheaper). The speakers will be discretely mounted, so all wires will be hidden.

    Do I also need an Amp to go with this? If so, what do you recommend? It wants to be resonably future-proof re High Definition, etc.

    Cheers !
  2. mordz

    mordz Audi S3 (2000)

    Is your plasma HD?

    what connections do you have going into the plasma?

    are you using freeview set to box or sky, sky+ sky HD

    you will need an amp with them speakers, if its just a speaker pack. but i need to know what AV source your comming from to help, for eg freeview etc is just stereo so surround would be pseudo

    from your dvd etc you most have coaxial digtal and optical out for surround.

    have a look on richersounds.co.uk for an amp. very cheap.

    if you let me know what you have i can help further. PM me if it helps
  3. missviper

    missviper Member

    If i was you go for a Pioneer Dvd player or Denon
    Pioneer speakers are also good.

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