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holed pipe..........

jpda4 Dec 4, 2005

  1. jpda4

    jpda4 Member

    after doing the weekly checks... /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/angel.gif..... honest

    i spied a small hole in a hose.....

    here were it get technical as i dont know what it does

    think its just an air intake

    it is on the 4"ish pipe that comes from the air filter

    the hole is in the T piece part of the expandable section where it chages to about 1.5" towards the oil filler
    cap, the oil level if fine so hasnt lost vast quantities of oil there is a bit of oil spliage/leak but
    nothing major

    so we are talking centre right towards the rear of the engine looking from front

    a pic would be handy but dont have the digi camera to hand

    any advice on what this is and how to fix/expense to replace would be appriectiated
    wrapped a bit of duct tape round it to seal it a bit as a temporary fix

    its only the baby 1.6 engine so it wont be that expensive will it...
    who am i trying to kid..... just myself there
  2. dummi

    dummi smoking a6

    would think it is valve cover breather hose, go to audi and ask them to put schematic up and point out the part. its just a hose so probably £5 , but i did pay £25 for one from vw with my old passat. the pipe should just have clips at each end holding it on, simple to replace

    you wont have lost much oil from it, the hose only serves to let the oil system 'breathe' its not holding significant presure of oil like the other pipes, duct tape will hold it and keep everything ticking over until you get your new one from audi, it usually takes a few days for them to order as they don't usually keep it in stock.
  3. jpda4

    jpda4 Member


    went to audi today

    the guy pulled it up on the display then went out to have a look

    went back to his display clicked on the part no part listed so it was the sub part
    turns out it has to be the complete pipe

    30quid inc vat

    non in stock,
    non at vag
    so comming from the factory 7-10 days

    just need to keep an eye on the duct tape for now and replace whenever

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