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hole in front bumper!

sting3r Nov 20, 2011

  1. sting3r

    sting3r New Member

    Just washed my car and found quite a big hole through the plastic part which the fog lights are in. Looks like a big stone has gone right through it. Im amazed i didnt notice it before, as i've only had the car a week and inspected it all over before i bought it. I've already washed it once before and didnt notice it then either, so maybe its happened since i've had the car. Its where the red mark is in this picture, probably just over an inch in diameter.

    Im guessing you cant buy or fit that plastic part without a whole new bumper? Its annoying and i notice it every time i look at it now. Only other thing i can think of is glueing a piece of the same colour plastic behind the hole to make it less noticeable, but that wouldnt be ideal.
  2. TimG

    TimG Active Member

    Its just the fog light grille, they just pull out easily enough on most bumpers.
  3. sting3r

    sting3r New Member

    great thanks, ive found some on ebay. How easy would they be to fit? Does the bumper have to come off?
  4. BBlackburn

    BBlackburn Member

    Just pull out and click back in simple.

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