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Hjelp to enable active lane assist audi A7

kim gaardvik Jul 24, 2014

  1. kim gaardvik

    kim gaardvik New Member

    Hi all,
    have anyone knowledge enough to enable this on a car that have all the needed modules for this to work?

    I have all the perquisites i.e all the modules needed :
    The control units necessary for the Audi active lane assist function:
    Camera control unit J852:
    · Registers the area in front of the vehicle and transfers the images to the image processing control unit J851
    · Searches for lane boundary lines in the images, determines their exact position and geometry, and transfers this infor- mation to the control unit J851
    Image processing control unit J851:
    · The function software of Audi active lane assist is integrated in this unit
    · Transmits the required system steering moment to the control unit for power steering J500 and, if required, requests a vibration alarm
    · Asks the control unit in dash panel insert J285 to display the current system state and, if required, to display messages and warnings
    · Transfers the current system state to the control unit for windscreen projection J898 and asks it, if required, to display warnings
    · Saves the settings for Audi active lane assist made via the MMI. The stored values are assigned to the vehicle key in use.
    Power steering control unit J500:
    · Activates the motor for electromechanical steering accor- ding to the specifications of the control unit J851 (generation of the required system steering moment and output of a vibration warning)
    · Reads in the sensor for steering moment G269 and forwards the steering moment to the control unit J851
    Optional control units that can be used if fitted:
    Adaptive cruise control unit J428 and control unit 2 for adaptive cruise control J850:
    • If the vehicle has the optional extra ACC, its measured variables are used for the two functions "Deliberate lane change without set turn indicator" and "System characteris- tics with obstacles detected on the neighbouring lane"
  2. hades-

    hades- Well-Known Member VCDS Map User


    or get audi to code it in
  3. kim gaardvik

    kim gaardvik New Member

    I have tried Audi, they do not want to, due to sw policies....
    I do not know what I need to do with VCDS to enable it, it's not documented anywhere..

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