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Hit a Big Red Bus - Audi Approved bodyshop

MingBluS3 Jul 15, 2003

  1. MingBluS3

    MingBluS3 Member

    Hi guys, this is my first post.

    Anyway i managed to hit a bl**dy bus in the Centre of London, i went to go round the bas***d and he slightly pulled out, my mirror hit the side and i just assumed that i could continue, anyway i should have stopped. The S3's mirrors when retracted sit in closer than i expected, and i ended up scraping the side and the rear quatrer panel....
    Looks very nasty and i'm gutted as i have just paid out for some new wheels last month and the car is in for a sevice today too.

    My question is How good are the Audi Approved Bodyshops?
    I've had two quotes so far for just over £1,160 and the other £1,250 the cheaper being the Audi Approved.

    Also they both say get a new door, but iv'e looked at the damage and if they are repairing the rear quarter the can also repair the door. Would a new door look as good and also will it have all the soundproofing as they come as standard???

    This is coming out of my own pocket as i'm not old enough to protect my No Claims. I didn't stop after hitting the bus i would have been speechless, my pride and joy and the first dent i have put on a car in 7 years driving, such ashame it had to be my 4 month old Ming Blue S3 with all the extras...

  2. dbm

    dbm Active Member

    I feel for you, mate. I've had a couple of dings in my Ebony Black S3 in the past. Each time I went to my local Audi approved body shop (which happens to be a VW garage in my case) and had the work done there. Not only have they been reasonably priced, but the repairs have been perfect, and I do mean perfect. You wouldn't know that there had ever been a problem there.

    I too have experienced wide variety in the prices quoted, so I'd try getting a quote from a couple more Approved shops if you can.

    Good luck,

    PS - bodyshop was in St Anne's near Blackpool, otherwise I'd recommend them to you.
  3. Moresauce

    Moresauce Member

    Hi sorry your firast post has to be about something like this. Those quotes seem pretty reasonable considering the damage and labour rate Audi charge!

    To replace the rear bumper on my A3 was nearly £400 all in so that is quite a good deal when you think about it!

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