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Hissing/Air Rushing Sound????

bigfoot0387 Jul 20, 2009

  1. bigfoot0387

    bigfoot0387 A3 Abuser

    Hi everyone im fairly new here,

    i have a few thigns im hoping you guys/girls ca help me out with

    1. When i start the car its like the starter motor is still overticking/ moaning sound when the car has started for about 3/4 seconds

    2. When the car is started you can hear a constant hissing sound when you rev the car and then take your foot off the hissing becomes louder but its constant. then when u push the clutch right down it gets even louder again.

    hiss stop hiss stop hiss (if that makes sense as its hard to describe)

    this is rather annoying and any help would be great, thanks

    Also just so you all know i have replaced all the tubing that goes to the air sensor and airbox etc.

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