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Hight pitched noise when changing gear

reiidzer Sep 16, 2013

  1. reiidzer

    reiidzer New Member

    Hi all

    New to this tbh signed up ages ago and never really been on tbh back to the matter in hand...

    So i have a 2007 s3 8p it is stage 1 soon to be stage 2+ very excited i must say xD, mods as current itg induction, milltek full exhaust decat & recirc forge valve, previous to that had the forge atmospheric one then changed out for the recirc one, when i change gear it makes a loud whistle before the turbo chatter if you know what i mean by that, depending on what gear i am in and put the foot down and let off it doesnt chatter just makes that whistle, i have heard other s3's with same mods and doesnt make that whistle noise very confused as to why its doing it. any one can point me in the right direction in to what it is :S ? also the car runs fine no problems a tall and the spring in the valve is the red one i have tried with the other springs and it makes no difference.


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