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High Speed Judder

jbkudos Jul 31, 2009

  1. jbkudos

    jbkudos Member

    Morning, it's Friday!!!

    Can anyone shed some light on my problem.... For the last few months I have been experiencing high speed judder, its very noticable and when I drop down to about 70-80 it completely stops??? To be honest I very rarely toe it so its not a major issue its more annoying that I know its there.

    I have had new tyres (pirelli p-zeros), brakes and discs (brembo), the tracking and balancing done!!! The issue was there before I had the new bits and as you can see I've already forked out quite a bit with no success!!

    It is quite a weird noise/sensation almost like a flag blowing in a gale force wind!! if that makes sense

    It hasnt always done! it!

    Really appreciate any advice or other peoples experiences

    PS Ive got a 1.8T lowered with 18's

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